How to Earn Big on Uptrennd

Uptrennd is a social media platform where every post has the ability to earn you cryptocurrency, so it's no surprise that people want to rush in and make as many posts as possible to maximise exposure. But the trick isn't to churn out a hundred low quality posts per day, but to make high quality posts that people want to share and engage with. 

This is a quick guide to making your posts more successful on Uptrennd and to ensure that you're earning as much points as you can. 

Always use a header image

Posts with header images are guaranteed to stand out over those that don't. 

Make sure the header image is relevant and eye-catching. While animals are cute, there's no point using a photo of a cat to try and draw readers to your article on Cryptocurrency. 

Use free platforms such as Canva to craft high quality header images for free - you can draw upon their wealth of license free images and their free templates.

You can also import license free images from sites such as UnSplash to get high quality photographs to make your posts more interesting. Remember, photographs have to be relevant to the post. If you're making a post about cryptocurrency then photographs about business, money, the stock exchange, etc are great to use. What's not so great to use is random photographs just because you think they look good. 

Write about things that matter to you

You might see that certain types of articles on this site (such as ones about cryptocurrency) do really well. But, if you don't know anything about Cryptocurrency then you're not going to get that kind of engagement with your posts. Chances are you'll end up posting inaccurate information or rely too much on other people's writing which could get you penalised.

Write about things that you're passionate about! If you love fashion or cars or self help, then make yourself known as someone that writes high quality articles on these subjects. Don't think that there will never be people on this site that are interested in those things. A well written article on a less popular subject is better than a poorly written article on a popular subject. 

Remember, popular subjects have a lot more competition. Use the fact there's less writers about certain topics to stand out. People will begin to follow you for these subjects, and you'll begin to get the engagement you want.

Use a spell checker!

Write your posts on Word or any other kind of word processing software you might have, and not onto Uptrennd directly. This way you can run a spelling and grammar check to make sure you haven't made any mistakes. While spelling or grammar mistakes aren't the end of the world, if there's too many then people might not understand what you're saying. They could also think that you're just spamming. 

Take your time, you don't have a deadline unless you're entering a competition. Before you upload it, take a break from looking at it. Go get yourself a glass of water or some stretches. When you take a break and then come back to your writing you might be able to see some mistakes that you didn't notice before. Now, you're in a much better position to upload your article.

Engage with other users!

Take some time out of your day to leave high quality comments to other users. Unfortunately, there's alway going to be spammers that'll just leave comments like "nice" or "good" on articles they haven't even read in the hopes that they can get some points. Which is why you need to actually read the articles you're commenting on! Mention things about the articles, take the time to leave a couple of sentences in reply. There's a lot of good people on here that are sick of the spammers, and they'll appreciate you putting the work in and will likely return the favour.

When you follow a user, you'll receive updates on when they upload an article. Likewise, anyone that follows you will receive updates on the content you put out. Don't spam a bunch of people with follows, but do make note that following users will get you articles noticed even more. Follow users you enjoy, and be sure to keep coming back to their articles and leaving nice comments. Soon, other users will take note of that and begin doing the same to you. 

Promote your posts

As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. Use some of the points you save up to promote your articles. This can be a good way of getting your work out to fresh eyes (and new upvoters). Set yourself a weekly budget of how much of your points you want to spend, and how many articles you want to promote. You might want to promote one article for a longer period of time, or a variety of articles for a shorter period of time. Both have their pros and cons

If you promote an article for a long period of time, you can be stuck promoting just the one article to an audience that isn't interested. If you promote a variety of articles for a shorter period of time, there's more chance that people will be interested in at least one of your articles. But it does then mean that less people have the opportunity to see it.

If you're going to promote a variety of topics make sure it's on different subjects. Don't promote five articles on Bitcoin because not everyone will be interested, but they might be interested in your other articles. 

Be honest about your affiliate links

Most sites will actually penalise you if you're using affiliate links without saying. It's completely fine to use them, but you must post a disclaimer that it's an affiliate link that you'll benefit from. Otherwise you risk that account getting banned or fined. People also might not trust you if they click on a link and realise you've hidden affiliate links from them. People are going to be much happier about it if you're honest and upfront. 

Also, don't spam every affiliate link you have. Stick to ones that are relevant to your articles. It'll also just look really messy if you list off twenty sites that have nothing to do with the post. Likewise, don't promote every social media account you have in your articles. It's much better to just include social media posts in your profile bio rather than your articles. It looks messy and the focus should be on your writing and not your social media. The obvious exception is if you're entering competitions or writing articles about social media. But it's bette to try and make those links to your profiles fit into the writing itself rather than a long list at the end.

Don't write posts just so you can post your affiliate links, because people won't click them. If you want to promote your affiliate links, it's better to create high quality posts for each link that should convince people to sign up. This will also mean that you have more articles for people to pay attention to, so think of it as a win-win rather than extra work.

In conclusion

  • Do write high quality posts that people want to read and engage with

  • Don't spam affiliate links or comments in the hopes of getting upvotes

  • Do include high quality images that will make people want to check out your content

  • Do run a spelling and grammar check on your work before uploading it

  • Don't write articles just because they're popular subjects

  • Do write articles on subjects you genuinely care about

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that I will benefit from if you choose to sign up. These benefits do not cost you anything extra. I am promoting these services because I genuinely think you will benefit from them. 



Mfoniso Michael
14 Jan

I couldn't have said it any better. That you're new to the platform, but you seem to know your way around here is just amazing. 

Yes it's important we bring nothing but quality to the platform and also take out time to engage with other users, by so doing we would be increasing our popularity on the platform.  With popularity comes engagement which is tantamount to more earnings.

Nicely scripted @Emma Campbell.


Emma Campbell
14 Jan

Thank you so much for the really kind words, and I appreciate you taking the time to read my article. I've used writing platforms in the past (although not for cryptocurrency) and I've worked in social media advertisement so I do know some resources and stuff, so thought it would come in handy to share what I know with people on here. Hope you have a good day!


Mfoniso Michael
14 Jan

Your experience on writing platforms is quite obvious. You really did well sharing such a wonderful piece. Have a wonderful day.


Boom Shakalaka
17 Jan


Engagement or popularity with other Uptrennders is a huge factor.

Also, I will admit, the boosting thing scares me a bit. Dunno why, but I'm working on it.


Abayomi Edun
14 Jan

Thank you for the great information, this will help me a lot.


Emma Campbell
14 Jan

Thank you for taking the time to read my article, glad I could be of help! Good luck with your article writing and have a great day!


Olaniyi Ogundele
15 Jan

Thank you very much for this lesson, you have really help in putting on light in some difficulties. Thank you


Emma Campbell
15 Jan

Thank you for taking the time to read my article, glad I could be of some help! Hope you have a great day!


Nneoma Nzeadibenma
15 Jan

This is the right thing to do.this atleast will help the newbies of uptrennd do better.

Thumbs up for this post.👍👍👍


siddharth haribhai
15 Jan

Very useful post not only for the newbies but even a refresher for the ones used to this platform. 







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