How to develop a reading habit?

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How to develop a reading habit?

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Most of the time we really want to read a book, but cannot find time and energy to do so, and take more than normal time to complete it. So I thought to compile a list of practical tips, that can help you read more books.

πŸ“š1. Start from reading a fixed number of pages everyday. Be it as less as 10, but be regular. Pages may be less but you will still make progress towards the end.


πŸ“š2. Set a timer for reading. Give 20 minutes but with a timer set, your speed and understanding will increase.


πŸ“š3. Listen to Audiobooks when you cannot read. Audiobooks can help you develop a reading habit very effectively. You can listen to them even when your hands are full, and it increases your interest, and you get a desire to read it from book too.


πŸ“š4. Track your reading. Checking a box and making a list can really motivate you sometimes. I normally make a list of books I've read, and I get a desire to increase the number, every time I count them.


πŸ“š5. Choose the right books. If your interest is fiction, and you're reading a non-fiction because someone else told you so, you will find it very difficult to complete it, because you're doing it against your will. Choose books according to your taste, and your choice. No book that you read, goes wasted. Every book has a lesson in it. So, let it be a fiction, but it will be a book read, and a lesson learnt.


πŸ“š6. Reread books that you like. I've read my favorite books several times, because every time I read them, they make me read more books like those, and I start to find more energy.


πŸ“š7. Choose a book according to your niche. Most of you have already seen in the books I recommend, I read medical related novels. It's because this is what I'm doing. I'm studying medical and reading medical novels. It keeps me motivated for both. There are tons and tons of books out there, and I'm sure if you look for them, you'll find books focused on any field you've choosen. And if not, choose according to your age, like there are teenage books, adulting books, and parenting books. You read with more interest if you can relate yourself to the book.

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RinNy Mboro
21 Jan

Rereading books you like is one way that Inspires one to read more and develop a good reading habit

Thanks for Sharing this


Tahir Naveed
21 Jan

Your tips are helpful for book reading properly and regularly .You shared nice and golden tips for reading thanks for sharing.


Atanda Davido
21 Jan

In order to create a reading habit and culture, it's important to start off by setting a goal. This goal should be articulate and backed up with a purpose.


Sajida Jamil
21 Jan

Books are best friends... You have shared amazing tips... Book reading is very beneficial for everyone.. We must read books according to our taste. 


Aroosa Khan
21 Jan

Hehehehehehe You want us to read books completely. First, we must 10 pages of the book. Then at least we must give 20 minutes if we can not read the book we must listen to the audio. This method is very good but when I pick the book for reading I feel sleepy like water coming down from a heightπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Especially mathematic book is my sleeping tablets. 







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