How to Convert your Token to Local Currency without anyone but you and your Device

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When I heard about this week's theme "Blockchain", my mind goes to Topic that has been in my mind for long which is how to convert your 1Up or any other Token in your wallet to your local currency, this will also help you to convert local currency to Token like 1Up   and any other Token like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

I am doing this because I believe it will help many Uptrenndians, little while ago I heard many issues like people that were frauded while trying to convert their token to their local currency.

For this processing, you will need 3 ingredients which are: Ethereum wallet like MEW (my ether wallet), Altillity or Idex, and Remitano. With all these, you will be able to covert your token to local currency or vice versa without dealing with physical or untrustworthy one.

First Step: this has to do with having wallet, I recommend MEW for starters because it is easy to handle, get it from Play Store, you will be given wallet address which you will withdraw your token to. You will also have to customize 1up token so that your 1up token will appear in the wallet. If you don't know how to customize 1up, check here, it was made by one of our Guardians, Shadda

Customize 1Up in MEW

Second Step: You will need to download Altillity also from play Store, register on it but you will need National Identity card or Voter Card, when you are through with that, send your Token like 1Up or any token you want to exchange from MEW to Altillity then, convert your 1Up to ETH Or BTC. Make sure you change your 1Up to ETH when 1Up price is high to your interest before exchanging, you have two options of exchange. 

Third Step: Wow! Here you will receive bank alert, I love this Step, get Remitano App also from  Play store, register with your National or Voters Card too, click on ETH, then deposit, it will give you your Ethereum address then copy it and go back to Altillity, from there you can withdraw from Altillity to the address you copied, check back on Remitano and sell you ETH to your bank, your bank account number will be requested, make sure you receive alert or your bank app show that you are created before you click on receive. Hmm! You don't need to deal with any relative before Token is converted to you money. Hope this help you?

Also if you want to convert your money to Token, just buy with Remitano ETH Or BTC Using your Master card, then withdraw to Altillity Account, exchange to 1Up or any Token and send it to your wallet, here, you can now deposit to your Uptrennd address to Level up. Thank you all for reading.

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Adeleye Abdulqudus
16 Jul

Thank you so much for sharing this steps on making the transaction about trading...

But I use idex instead of altitlity.... 

And I finalize it on houbi



Akintunde Hussein
16 Jul

I would love to see you make a post about it



Fabiha Anees
16 Jul

Its a really good post dear many people having problem to shared an amazing experience on it, now its very helpful for us...thanks for sharing dear BGold Ola.



Adetola Muheez
16 Jul

Thanks for sharing this... Alot if help from

ll tty it out



Sunday Anebi
16 Jul

thanks for this wonderful post and advice on how to buy and sell 1up and other coins. But Alrtily is very slow this days with their transactions Because I do trade with them but their network this days is nothing to write home about.  Although their transaction charges is very low 



odunmorayo elebute
16 Jul

This is less stress  thanks for the information.



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