How to boil egg without water

​sample and testing of hypothesis

​i was once told that phone vibration can bring an egg into boiling point,

​Yes two phones can bring your raw eggs into boiling point,

​Hypothesis not yet proved but it a fact,

​Two phones

​Rubber bands

​Raw egg


Hard tie your egg to the phone with rubberbands

Place a call from the other phone to the base phone that hold the raw egg, let your base phone be on vibration, 

Repeat the calling process for like 10 times.

​Procedure II

​Hard tie your egg to your phone,

​Put that phone on vibration for like 15min,

​Your egg is done.

​eggs need just heat to come up to boiling point and without any water you can boil your egg.

​Hypothesis tested and proved by me,

​Your oven can bring egg to boiling point with any water,


​Heat your oven to 30°c  putting your raw egg into it from the start or when heated 

​Leave the egg for just 13min

​Then it ready boiled.

​         Procedure II

​Using the sun to boil your egg

​Best moment is 12pm of a brighter day,

​Place your egg on a steel or stainless plate,

​Place it in the sun for one hour,

​12pm to 1pm 

​Your egg will come to boiling point.

​All the above formulation are subjected to further prove,

   ⚠ ⚠ ⚠

The hypothesis one may cause damage to your phone battery


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Wisdom Chinonso
13 Oct

Wow this  is interesting I will try this


Uncle Jay
13 Oct

Thank you for this. 

I think I will still use water to boil my eggs. Thanks for sharing. 


Laiba Afzal
13 Oct

Is this real or not? Because I never heard about this before.😅


Peter Faith
13 Oct

90% real my dear, I can make the video if I have people who will need it


Laiba Afzal
13 Oct

That's nice. I'll try this.


Ayoola Adegoke
13 Oct

Is this truly real?

I can believe until I carry out the experiment myself

Thanks for sharing tho


Diana Zepeda
13 Oct

wow if only I could had this idea when i made science fair in high school, its a interesting experiment 


Peter Faith
13 Oct

You can try it out so as to prove the hypothesis but I have accurate measure on it


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