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How to be happy always....

1. Do not interfere in others affairs :

The reason for this is that we think our way is the best; Refusing to feel the uniqueness of others. Thus disturbing our peace; We create dangers and enemies for ourselves; Others like us have the ability to think; They make decisions according to their circumstances; Do not interfere in the affairs of others unless they come and ask for it themselves.

2. Forgive and forget !.

This attitude is one of the most important for a peaceful life and relationships. Someone will hurt us someday; Don't lose our composure by repeating what happened once!

3. Do not expect the approval of others:

No one praises anyone unnecessarily. Salute bearers when you are in office will forget you and the good things you did when the power went out. Why be deceived into expecting recognition from such people? Do your duty with good intentions regardless of the outcome.

4. Don't be jealous:

Everyone’s life is something that has been written before. If you want to become rich, you must have money; If not then no. No one else is responsible for both your luck or misfortune. Do not be jealous of the luck of others. Nothing is going to change because of jealousy; Peace of mind will shattered.

5. Adapt to the situation:

Cutting off the head to fit the cap ? Cut the cap to fit the head? Which is the wisest course? As you adapt to the situation, you may feel the miracle that even the adverse environment turns into a positive one.

6. Tolerate irreparable:

Many things in our daily lives are beyond our control. What else can be done but to tolerate these? Patience in the face of adversity will give you the confidence and maturity to handle any situation with ease.

7. Know your boundaries:

Do not assume the responsibility of satisfying everyone or showing that I can. There is a saying in English: Don’t bite more than you can chew. This is a proverb that we should all always remember. Use the time you have left after fulfilling your responsibilities to pray to the Lord, meditate, and introspect.

8. Practice daily meditation:

Meditation gives peace of mind and protects us from various ailments. Half an hour of meditation will calm us down for the remaining 23½ hours. Little things do not make us wander. Can you sit for half an hour? Meditate without thinking about how much work there is; Your effectiveness will be multiplied by meditation.

9. Always focus your mind in a creative way:

Only when the mind is empty will unwanted thoughts come and dwell. Keep up the good content. Keep doing something that is social charity or helping those in need on the side. Thus you may go without cash credit; But all these are good for the soul.

10. Do not procrastinate:

Get down to action bottle as soon as you pick up a thing. Don’t confuse whether to do it now, or later. Time is precious. Do not waste. Do not be discouraged once you fail. Learn from your mistakes. Do not regret. What happened is over.

The past cannot be rewritten; But the future is in our hands and we can change it creatively.

Being happy is in our hands;

We will be.

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Ayoola Adegoke
27 Apr

Being happy  is one of the attributes to long life. When we  are happy , we  tend  to live longer. If one can follow all the above listed ways to  be happy. One can have a better life


Mr.Oxman Oxi
27 Apr

When we interfare in others matter then we feel jealousy and jealous decrease our happiness we should always smile bcz smile killing the smile of our enemy We should try to smile in our hard or when we feel stressed it is hard but try to do Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you


Sundhari PriyaN
27 Apr

Yes...Having a smiling face will leads any situation smoother. We can hide any emotion in that smile. 


Eunigold Paul
27 Apr

Wow! This tips you listed will be very helpful in life. One needs to be happy always. When you forgive and forget , your mind will be free from malice. Knowing your boundaries is also necessary because it will help you gain respect from people 


Adeiyi Iyiola
27 Apr

All these are well noted and they are vital point to note.However Love for all hatred for none 


Maria Amjad Ali
27 Apr

When we forgive to others then we can beg forgiveness to our lord... Try to be faithful with others.. You feel inner peace and happiness.. 


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