Christmas is around the corner and no one wants to really move into this festive period with a bout of back pain. Whether it be from bad sleep or too much sitting, a sore back can mess you up completely. As we get older, a disc that's in between the vertebrae in our back becomes thinner and the joints become more compressed. This worsens muscle spasms, back pain and restricted movement so as we age, it's vital to be mindful about back care.


Do you know that your body is like a machine that is designed to move? They can bend backward and forward brilliantly, they can be able to rotate effectively and lean side to side. Performing this body movements every day shouldn't be a cause of concern and occasionally combining them is often problem-free. But, when we add loads to this natural combined body movements like pushing or lifting, it increases the risk of the back becoming excessively compressed or stretched. You must learn how to control your body movements! If you experience a jolt, a nudge or a wobble while bearing a load and in a twisted position, the reaction can cause the tissues to overstress and may result in injury.


Check that your spine can move in any direction and find an activity that involves a series of movements and build it into your day.

Do not be scared of lifting things, pushing things or moving things. When you make your back do some safe work, you develop strength and reap rewards.

Engage in exercises that requires you to move your spine carefully and deliberately. These exercises will keep your skills sharp and prevent injuries caused by clumsy movements.

Sitting down for long?

Research shows that people who sit for four or more hours a day when working probably in an uncomfortable chair are in a recipe For disaster. If your job requires you to sit for longer periods, engage simple stretches into your routine because they will help prevent and ease back pain and reduce ill health due to inactivity. Every 20 to 30 minutes, take a two-minute work break to stand up and move around.

Winter pain?

Muscles, ligaments and tendons can tighten up during winter and the dip in temperature may cause swelling in the joints and the extra pain. It can put strain on the spine and pull on sensitive nerve. Winter is a period to exercise more! A daily walk for even 30 minutes can be helpful....




Saira Kakar
30 Nov

Nice information about avoid back pain its so critical condition when we feel pain in our body we have to follow these tips its batter for avoiding our back pain


Anthony Eri
30 Nov

Thanks for your contribution Saira! It's deeply appreciated!!


RinNy Mboro
30 Nov

Back pains could make one very uncomfortable 

A health condition that no one wants to experience and understanding what to do to avoid this back pain will make you all sound especially during this Xmas season

Thanks for teaching us the tips and what to do to avoid back pain


Anthony Eri
30 Nov

Very uncomfortable pain does back pain give and nobody wants it most especially this upcoming festive period! Thanks for your rich contribution....


Sajjad Ali
30 Nov

Back pain is realy big issues but you give us nice information about back pain. How avoid from this problem. I appriciate your tips. These tips really helpful for finish back pain problem.


Anthony Eri
30 Nov

I'm happy you find the article educative and informative. Thanks for your quality response!


Nouman Yousaf
30 Nov

Thanks for sharing useful information.Many people face this problem of pain in back.

  Exercise is also is easy and cheap solution to remove pains from muscles.Exercise improve blood circulation in our body and it is also help to grow muscles and remove pains.


Kenechukwu Ezeme
30 Nov

Okay, I just want to be sure about that winter pain that you mentioned.

Is it a well-recognized name for those series of pains that you listed under the subtopic or is it a name you coined out for the purpose of this nice and informative content?

Well, one of the things that I have realised about human nature is that we should never be too cold and that we should never be too hot

Sitting for too long is problematic

Standing for too long is also problematic

0 exercise is bad but too much of it (especially in the area of lifting weighty metals and co) is also bad.

At this point, I will have to borrow the words of a psychologist which says; "Man, Know Thyself"

We should know our breaking point in any activity that we are performing so let's not go beyond that to avoid causing problems for ourself.

Well Done Bro. I have missed alot of your educative piece. You are doing well


Anthony Eri
30 Nov

😁😁😁 The King! It's nice to have you aroundπŸ˜‰ There's a unique kind of pain caused during winter and it's due to the freezing cold.... If you stay inactive during those periods and wrap yourself around the thick, cotton , bedsheet all day long, then winter pain would definitely kiss your a** πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The only way to avoid it is to exercise and remain fit!


Kenechukwu Ezeme
30 Nov

Hahahaa... This is why education is very important 🀣🀣.

I'm sure that even a lame man have an explanation for this and they know what they need to do in order to escape from that hot kiss of winter but they never would have thought of anything called "winter pain" 🀣🀣🀣

You are too much 🀣🀣







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