How to attract customers and outrun your rivals in the e-commerce app sector

The increase in the availability of smartphones and mobile networks' reach has boosted overall mobile phone usage. It is estimated that the number of smartphones is more than that of the world population. As there are numerous apps in the market, entrepreneurs scratch their heads when it comes to app development. If you plan on developing an amazon clone script, the following aspects will be of immense help for you.

In-depth before commencing your app development process:

    Overlooking the research and planning phase will be the biggest mistake you will ever commit in the app development process. It helps you to understand what you exactly need to do and the potential of the app. You can easily acquire user demographics to analyze customer's behavior, needs, and requirements. It helps you save hundreds of dollars as you can omit the elements out of trend. Design your app to meet your target audience's needs for streamlining the maximum benefits from your platform. 

Choose the operating system:

    The next stage of your app development process is to choose its platform. The popular choices in the market are Android and iOS, as they have the most users. If you are low on capital, I suggest you go with Android as it has the maximum users, you can develop the iOS version of your app later. Your research data will help here, as you can easily acquire the popular mobile platform among your target audience. 

    Keep in mind that Android has multiple versions and mobile phones. Its open-source nature has given it the broadest reach in the market. On the contrary, you can easily customize it to suit your business needs. iOS applications take lesser time than Android apps to be developed, as there are only a handful of devices. 

Features that you shouldn’t miss on your app like Amazon:

    Features and functionalities will decide the future of an app in the market. Instead of stuffing elements in your app to make it more complicated, I would suggest that instead of stuffing elements, go in the opposite direction. Put your fullest efforts to develop your app with a minimalistic approach. This strategy is proven to convert visitors into potential customers. Here is the list of features that you shouldn't miss on your app like Amazon.

  • Registration/Log in

  • Search filters

  • Category management

  • Push notifications

  • Real-time order tracking

  • Easy check out options

  • Multiple payment methods

  • Offers and discounts management

  • User feedback

  • Customer support

UI/UX of your Amazon clone app:

    Your Amazon clone app's interface will be the first thing your users will notice, and it should encourage them to spend more time on your platform. Designing a complicated user interface as your customers will feel it tricky to comprehend or understand is not recommended. Keep in mind that your easy-to-use interface and the app's minimalistic design can be your app's USP. Ensure you choose appropriate color schemes and visual elements to offer a premium experience for the users. Here are the three factors that you should focus on when it comes to app designing:

  • App’s prototype design

  • App’s UI/UX design

  • Color and appearance of the app

Cost of developing your app:

    To be honest, there is no way to predict app development costs, exactly as every business has unique demands. Even if you compare with apps that offer similar services in the market, the price will differ because of various factors. Here are some of the significant factors that contribute to the cost of developing your Amazon clone script.

  • UI/UX design of the app

  • Location of your development team

  • Number of exclusive features that you choose to integrate

  • The complexity of your app

  • Development team

    To design an e-commerce app like Amazon, your development team should consist of the following experts. The strength of your development team will vary depending on the scale of your application.

  • UX/UI designers

  • Back-end Developers

  • Front-end Developers

  • QA expert

  • Project manager

  • App developers

Bottom line:

    The future of e-commerce apps looks bright as the number of orders placed every day on the existing platforms is rising. Discuss your unique ideas with your Amazon clone app development team to learn about its feasibility.  A reputed software development firm will put their fullest efforts to develop a perfect e-commerce app like Amazon for your business.



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