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How Posting on Uptrennd will Explode Your Reach!

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Tim Carney 3 weeks ago

The bang for your buck with marketing on here dramatically exceeds any other social media marketing opportunity.

It's only a matter of time before advertisers take note of that en mass. 

MrMvST ' 2 weeks ago

This is very true. I took a look after hearing about it - saw the value and how early I was to the platform. Very excited for the future!

Hope Avwerosuo 3 weeks ago

Wow! This is great to see about uptrennd. I sincerely wish for a better Uptrennd and hope to be among the content creators some day.

This is a good start for the year. Thanks for sharing.

Luke Brenland 3 weeks ago

Its been updated :) i have made some edits.

Omer Farooq Farooq 3 weeks ago

Luke you describe the statistics about Uptrennd in so nice and easy way that these claps 👏👏👏👏👏 you deserve man. What an inside view you share with us and tell them all how Uptrennd is growing strongly. Best of luck to you and our Uptrennd platform.

Luke Brenland 3 weeks ago

Thanks man and i have made alot of edits to the post :)

It shows how engaged this community are too! This is the place to be :)

Kostas Tsakaloglou 3 weeks ago

This is because, we are an amazing community, with high engagement, The future is bright.

Luke Brenland 3 weeks ago

You said it man! :D you guys are awesome!!

Athar Saleem 3 weeks ago

Extra special work & effort from you, in eloborating everything clearly & separately."""""great job""""keep up the good work.

Athar Saleem 3 weeks ago

That's really artistic !!!!!!!!

Luke Brenland  3 weeks ago

I will be 100% honest and say i had help with the graphs and images :) i just done all the research for the stats and wrote the text.

Two other people helped with the graphics and grahps







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