How Photo's bring back all the memories Today I had some old photos when I was in 1974 probably.

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I was the one holding the stick, Blue collared T-Shirt. This was when I was doing my Forestry Training. We visited a pine plantation managed by the forestry Department as part of a plan to quickly reestablish back Forestry timber stock after a Forestry Department report on the dwindling of log supplies from the natural forest. Our trip was a comparison between the Natural Rain Forest as compared to a man-made plantation. I still pass this area quite often. The forest is no longer there as it had been given out to urbanisation.

1. Basri retired as a Forestry Officer at the Forestry Department.

2. Shahrulzaman retired a Research Officer at FRIM

3. Mohamed retired as a Senior Officer at The Department of Environments

4. Ismail also retired as a Forestry Officer at the Forestry Department.

5. Arifin retired as serving the Forestry Department and later at the Kelantan state Development Corporation also managing forestry activities

6. Profesor Zainal ended up in the academics specialising in Resource economics

7. Seated front Row, Ismail Nawari left forestry and followed the Tabligh to India, Pakistan, and finally resided in Suadi Arabia, where he became a Tahfiz, and many years later I met him, saying that he taught at a madrasah in Kelantan. He was one that left early to met the Creator.

8. Dr Ismariah became a Forest Ecomist and scientist at FRIM.

9. Che Aziz retired as a Forestry Officer at Forestry Department, although his earlier profession was in FRIM

10, Holding the stick was me.

11. Rosni ended up in Forestry and got married to another Forestry Officer who became the Deputy Director General of Forestry.

12. Halib became a Senior Management in the Pahang State Subsidiary handling Forestry and Timber industries.

13. Zubair ended up in the banking sector

14. Adnan was in Forestry and later in the Terengganu State Subsidiary handling Forestry and Timber industries.

15. Zahriah retired as a Forest Officer in Forestry Department Headquarters

16. Shamsudin Ashaari joined the Wild Life Department and retired there. He Climbed mount Kilimanjaro and reached the peak.

17. Dr Zaaba retired as Deputy Director-General of the Wildlife Department

18. Samsudin Sueet,  retired as Forest Officer in Forestry Department Headquarters

19. Bakar Daud, joined the Bank and later became an author of horticulture books.

20. Zul Harun became senior management in Malaysian Timber Board and still does consultancy work
21. A did not recall what Zulkifly did after he left us he did not complete the course. Probably in the banking line.
22. Aziz Awang Tera was in the Terengganu State Subsidiary handling Forestry and Timber industries.

23. Azizul when to the states and was in Marketing and Training when I met him.

24. Kamarudin probably joined the Polisce Force, I I did not meet him since we ;left college.
25. Sheila was our lecturer's - Albert Abee's wife/
26. Jubri was in the Pahang State Subsidiary handling Forestry and Timber industries till retired
27 Jamaliah was in the Town Planning career until she retired.

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Al with some of us. Zubair, Jamaliah, Rosni and Zul.

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Another field trip to the mangroves.

A quite recent photo of AL and Shiela (5 years ago)

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And what became the pine plantation where we did some of our studies.

Thanks for bearing with me. TQ




Yamin Nuruddin
02 Mar

Yes, our old photos bring pleasant memories of our youth and the many friends that were part of our life and the activities we did then. 

Those are memories we should keep, and it is amazing you can still recall the names of your batch mates in college decades ago, and their last professions. You must have maintained contacts with them till the end. 

Nice sharing Awal, I love stories of old times too. 







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