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How Much Does Privacy Cost?

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Lucas S 4 months ago

Wow, that's a tidy sum!!

Matthew Rosenquist 4 months ago

They had set aside about $3 billion in anticipation.  

Elena Demou 4 months ago

Well damn! That's crazy! 

Matthew Rosenquist 4 months ago

I wonder what that breaks down to, per person, for every record that was improperly sold?

Russ Pam 4 months ago

That amount is huge.  Wonder what the next set will be

Matthew Rosenquist 4 months ago

I think they are going to have some intense discussions to figure out if they want to risk a 'next' time.  

Luke Brenland 4 months ago

that is nothing to FB though!! over the last few years they have made at least 40B a year! just in ad revenue!!

Matthew Rosenquist 4 months ago

$5B is a lot, even for a company as big as Facebook.  And the question they have to asking themselves, is what would the next fine be like?  Perhaps double if they don't change their practices?  

Jan Bouda 4 months ago

The behavioral targeting strategies and the way how they collect your data is annoying, and sometimes it affected many people’s lives.

Matthew Rosenquist 4 months ago

The data they collect as well as other sources will eventually be aggregated together then analyzed to be able to 'understand' you better.  That is scary as it will be used to 'influence' your decisions (to purchase, vote, eat, etc.)


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