How Much Do We Know Human Rights?

Human rights are the right of all people, without any discrimination, to live equally and freely. Everyone against the law; It is equal regardless of gender, race, religion, language, national or social origin. So how much do we know about the fundamental rights that every person has? I have compiled the most important of these rights for you.

Right to life and education

The most sacred of human rights is the right to life. The existence of all other rights depends on this right. Everyone's right to life is protected by law in accordance with human rights conventions. After the right to life, another important right is the right to education. Every person deserves an education environment where they can express their thoughts equally and freely, and ensuring this right is among the most important duties of states.

Clean environment and right to health

 It is the duty of the state and the citizens to protect environmental health and prevent environmental pollution. The right to health is another important right that a person should have. In the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" adopted in 1948, the definition of the right to health has been included with the right to live. According to the definition, for the welfare and health of each individual, for himself and his family; they have the right to food, housing and medical care.

The right to shelter and food

The right to housing is the right to be at home. According to the law, every person up to the age of 18 must stay with their family, if not, in places such as a children's shelter. The right to housing is the most fundamental right of the person. The right to nutrition is; It includes the right to reach adequate, safe and healthy food in a sustainable way.

Right to protection and personal immunity

The right to protection and immunity means that both physical and spiritual integrity of a person should not be touched and that nobody can be tortured. This right ensures the life and bodily integrity of the person.

Communication and transportation right

The right to communicate is the right that protects the freedom to convey thoughts and feelings. Solving the transportation right of citizens, which is another right, is one of the basic duties of the state and municipalities.

Right to freedom of religion and conscience

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion before the law. This right includes freedom to change religion or belief, and freedom to manifest one's religion or beliefs through worship, teaching, practice and ritual.

Right to Ownership and  private life privacy


Everyone has the right to demand respect for his private and family life. Inviolable confidentiality of private life and family life. This right is also guaranteed by the Constitution. In recent years, with the development of technology, the dimensions of the areas involved in private life have expanded.



preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
13 Feb

Human Rights are fundamental and must be guaranteed to all people, but there are many countries where these Rights, although they are enshrined in the constitution, are not fulfilled, so many people unjustly do not enjoy those Rights.


Tolga Bingöl
13 Feb

Imperialism dominating the world, and states with class societies,On the one hand, by stating how much they respect human rights,While trying to convince the masses that they are in favor of human rights,They still continue their policies that cause poverty, their actions against rights and freedoms.continues







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