How Mozambique is on Bitcoin Cash adoption

Africa is very big and the development of cryptocurrencies is growing, assets that can fulfill the needs on the continent or specific countries like Mozambique will thrive, Bitcoin Cash is one of this currencies that is very promising one and since I believe on this i am conducting the project to spread the word in Mozambique and am clearly see some results on this, it will take time but with all hands on deck the coin will prevail.

I love how Bitcoin Cash community is growing with efforts from all and certainly in my country it will be much appreciated for the youngest community the ones entering into crypto and the oldest ones, check my recent article with all the development and info about it.

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Ifiok Eso
23 Feb

Wow, this is amazing. A country like Mozambique is so wise to adopt and key into the future of crypto currency and Nigeria who claim to be the giant of Africa are there fooling themselves. Good luck and more grace to the people of Mozambique..


preview not available Osato Jegede
26 Feb

Bitcoin Cash is increasingly becoming prominent among Africans. 


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Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency. In mid-2017, a group of developers wanting to increase bitcoin's block size limit prepared a code change. The change, called a hard fork, took effect on 1 August 2017. As a result, the bitcoin ledger called the blockchain and the cryptocurrency split in two.


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