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16 Feb
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How I Wrongly Deposited ETH to Uptrennd and Felt Frustrated (Thanks to the Lovely Support I'm Now Level 9)

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Jansen Admin 4 months ago

Happy it got resolved! Thanks to the public blockchain ledger we could track your payment and did the conversion to 1UPs ourselves. We are here for the members, and it would be against our ethics to keep it and expect you to buy again.

Looking forward to your creations! Good luck on your journey.

BOI Income Blog 4 months ago

That's where the blockchain shines! I guess it would be awful if you guys kept the assets and you're nowhere near it! You guys rock! Thank you once more!

Gonzalo D. 4 months ago

Upptrend support, you are fantastic.

Osato Jegede 4 months ago

The Uptrennd Support Telegram Channel is there 24 hours to help members of the community in resolving their daily challenges associated with navigating the platform. 

BOI Income Blog 4 months ago

Yeah, they are really great!

EngrSamest . 4 months ago

Happy to see that this was resolved. Our focus at uptrennd is to make everyone happy and comfortable.

I have started lovely your content, hope to see more of you!


BOI Income Blog 4 months ago

Yeah, the support was very good!

Thank you and have a great week ahead!

Hafsa M 4 months ago

glad to see your problem is solved, congratulations on your leveling up.

BOI Income Blog 4 months ago

Thank you! It feels great to level up!

Hope Ochei 4 months ago

Thank God for the recue that came. One really needs to be double careful for everything done via the internet. Even in life generally.

BOI Income Blog 4 months ago

That's true! One can never be too careful!

Thanks for the comment and have a productive day!







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