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What Made Me A Storyteller

A couple of years ago when I figured out that I can earn money writing articles and even become famous writing online. I selected a few sites and posted some random articles. I must thank my star that all my work got published, and I earned some money too. I posted a featured photograph in a famous photo publishing site Flicker, and the world-renowned photographers accepted me into their community with open arms.

I was in contact with a Canadian photographer, a Melbournian content writer, and an American blogger, all three female, and all of them encouraged me to write for more websites. I was also in contact with a Pakistani cryptocurrency writer that was constantly telling me to try websites that pay in crypto despite my unwillingness to do so as I understand nothing about cryptocurrency. I should mention a Philipna that convinced me to come and write for this site. 

But then I asked myself, was it so hard to understand about Cryptocurrency? I don’t know, maybe the answer is hidden in the womb of the future but I have decided to give the crypto a shot. But, yes, it had bone like the secret hidden in the eyes of Mona Lisa’s painting. But I was certainly smiling all the while, exactly the way a person normally does when presented with something precious.

Members of this site probably know that I have posted more than 300 articles so far and all have done well despite my ignorance about writing. But as you know, most people like me never give up unless they get kicked out of a particular place. So, I am waiting for that kick in the bum or hit the bull’s eye.

I have been thinking for a long time to write a book based on my travel experiences and publish that in the form of an eBook but I have done nothing but compiled about 40 articles and 100 images to go with them while my initial target is to post at least 100 posts and 300 images from different countries, my target is 30 countries but heck with COVID-19, I could not proceed since March 2020.

However, I am determined to write and publish this book and make it an international bestseller, based on my personal travel experiences and my love for photography. I have a strong trust in the rules for success in life, and I am following them religiously.

I am not a mystical figure, but I trust in drawing comfort from my old-school advice- Just stand up and deliver. Learn to take responsibility that will change your life. Make your decisions and get your ideas fulfilled.

That said, I am in Australia, the land of promises, the land of possibilities, and the land that provides opportunities unlimited. If something puzzles me, is the way people eat here. I love the way people display their love and curiosity for everything, however small or undescriptive might that be. They know the art of converting nothing into something.

Sometimes their modesty even troubles me, but then I smile and take it for their great behavior. Back to their dietary habits, for example, some people eat nothing but meat and they don’t believe that I am a vegetarian. One of my colleagues eats meat only, uses nothing but his oven, and baroque doesn’t want to come to my house because he is not interested in leaves and flowers that he believes I eat.

I can say he literally eats only meat, black pepper, and a little salt and yes water sometimes, but mostly beer or wine, and of course whiskey and vodka. He is so fond of eating meat that he even carries his steak in case he has to visit people like me.

The Year 2020 Was Nothing Short of A Heck

Did I tell you'll that this year was a kind of heck for me because I was working from home almost every day with no traveling around which is part of my job which gave me reasons for disturbing moments of more than my quota of such moments prior to COVID-19 era?

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My wife, a professional in the education field and was comparatively better off since she took to the new living more graciously and managed her online job in a perfect professional way. We have our work stations in separate rooms because we both need to talk with our workmates during our work, so we had limited time chatting to each other apart from lunch or short breaks for tea/coffee.

“Hey, Suny,” she would call from the other room and my answer at 8 out of 10 times would be “What the heck?” But she knows me better than that so she will always give me a kiss flying all the way from the other room to mine.

Well, what didn’t kill us but kept us still alive is okay

I apparently had not much trouble during my long stay in Australia. My wife and I have made hundreds of friends during these last nine years and been visiting them and receiving them that has helped a lot. 

Incidentally, my wife spent about 9 weeks in Melbourne looking after her sick friend and her daughter since her husband could not come back from the UK because of the COVID-19 travel restriction.

My wife had gone to visit her friend for a few days but then this border closure held her back for so long which was a horrible experience for me that turned me into a writer. Meanwhile, I displayed some disturbing behavioral problems, but I soon overcame them with the help of my friends.

But why I am telling you this, I guess I would suffer from depression, but for the timely help to come from my friends and then diverting my interest to writing online which was easy for me as I was already online for 10-12 hours as my work demanded that so adding a couple of hours more was not a big problem especially while my wife was away.

I must admit that I was freaking mad for about 2-3 weeks and I couldn‘t think positively during that time but then my friends from Canada, the UK, and the US suggested I spend time on online writing sites which helped me come out of that disappointing mindset. 

Now I remember how I couldn’t sleep for a few weeks when I had joined a dating site with a couple of dating mates that operated during late hours at 2-4 am. That was a heck of a time that I would like to forget as soon as possible. I don’t think I slept at all for two to three weeks.

I remember I was taking a couple of extra glasses of wine and beer, but that did more harm than helping my cause, so when I started writing that helped me a great deal. No, I did not get any kind of kick drinking that extra glass but a feeling of dullness, which was even more killing.

When Sandra, my wife’s friend, became ill, and my wife agreed to join her to help her. And when she’s gone, I probably realized that developing a dependency was not good for me. That’s right, I know that I been a little too dependent on her, I probably still am, but I now know it’s not good.

It was like I was alone in the world with no place to go, no one to see in the big house, nothing to eat. Yes, I am a lousy cook, so my wife was the one cooking most of the time. Now it was like someone saying something in my mind which had no meaning whatsoever.

This Kept Me Awake

I was getting a strange feeling in my mind for all the time I was awake, and I was definitely awake for 20-21 hours for the best part of the 3 weeks in question. I couldn‘t sit or lay down or talk to my coworkers properly. So writing for various sites brought me back to life it wasn’t like that made me better, but now I was enjoying my life with every published post. 

I wanted to stop and think, but I was enjoying writing so just couldn’t stop. Life was back on track and now that my wife is back for almost 4 weeks, I am still writing.

Life is no more horrible, maybe it might sound a little melodramatic, but I think if I had to pick this life for the rest of my life I would have no complaints, but maybe my wife is not happy with my newly gained hobby of online writing. Maybe she will get used to it and accept it.

However, I cannot write for the last 12 hours or so. I couldn‘t write because I couldn’t get a good idea to write. Maybe I am missing Trump, as he was an excellent source of ideas for me. Maybe I will have to know and understand Joe, so I get more motivation to write.

But, my US blogger friend says, one should never concentrate on one site/person/topic for your writing ideas but keep your writing horizon as wide as you can. Write on anything that comes to your mind and let your imagination fly like a bird with both her wings wide open. One should let his imagination travel as wide as it wants to. The sky is yours.

Well, you all know the rest about me. And yes, meanwhile there have been some online activities in which I found myself involved with no clue while some even suggested that I was too close to a couple of girls but I swear to my last bread that I did nothing I should regret now. 

I don’t know how they thought I would involve myself in a long-distance relationship. No way... Now that I have entered the world of Cryptocurrency, I will stay here!


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rabail fatima
03 Feb

Ohhhh Wao it's really a sad story really sad. You shouldn't be disappointed should have a great believe don't be sad you have did well wrote online contents it's time gaining but you will feel comfortable and fresh no one can hurt you so stay in touch with uptrend stay happy and blessed 💞 


Suny Ag
03 Feb

I am not sad but only telling you why and how I started writing. This is a writer's story and nothing else.


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
03 Feb

Thank you so much brother for participate in my contest😍

But I am sure that if you keep trying and keep pushing your articles on social media, one day you will definitely be able to write a box of your own and if you don't have any ideas, get some motivation from Google etc. Then write an article on the same motivation I love photography and travel just like you so I often like to go to every corner of my country  but I can't go to any other country till today Except for Saudi Arabia .Therefore, if man's intentions are strong and he always sticks to his intentions, then man can do anything because Allah Almighty has made man the noblest of creatures and he can do what he want But for this, man has to choose his own path, the path by which he reaches his destination.🔥😍


Suny Ag
03 Feb

Your words are really encouraging and motivating. I am sure with the help of all of you I will do better in the future. Thanks for starting such nice opportunities that will encourage many of us to write more. Thanks a lot 😎


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
03 Feb

Huh, you got my eyes glue on the screen reading through your journey. You have come a long way. The journey that started out of boredom because your wife was away has now become a good part of you. 

When are out of ideas, you should probably take a walk or see a movie that could inspire some ideas. 

One thing I have observed, the more you write, the better you become 


Suny Ag
03 Feb

On the contrary, the more you write the more your brain goes numb. Jokes apart, this is all about writing on Uptrennd and other crypto-related sites that caught my attention during the Covid era working from home otherwise I am writing for a long time. Thank you for reading this boring long post though :)

I will come back as I have no upvotes for you


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
04 Feb

Yea go numb on ideas but your writing ability gets better. 

It was interesting reading your journey 


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
04 Feb

I always stop to read your publications, because I find them very interesting, you write very well and what I like the most is your naturalness, the person who advised you not to focus on a single person to motivate you is right, we must expand our inspiring sources, It's good to know that you feel good writing. Congratulations, keep it up.


Suny Ag
04 Feb

Thank you so much, I try my best to write my personal experience so most times my stories are close to life. I can write fiction etc but that is not my niche. I write travel or marketing also. Thanks again.


RinNy Mboro
03 Feb

Being encourage by those females really must have inspired you into be com in a better writer and then good enough you came across the platforms

Good to know about this


Suny Ag
03 Feb

Thanks, yes all of us find someone as an inspiration and I found many of them. I must first thank all my mentors that help me write stories.


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