" How I spend the month of Ramadan"



It's the 4th day in the month of ramadan already, 25 or 26 days left. Lol, too early to count isn't it?

Do you think you've not been taking advantage of the holy month and still confused on what to do.?

Oh guess someone still wondering why this month is so special to all Muslims?

Join me as I take you through all about Ramadan and how I do spend my day to day in this month.

The month of Ramadan is indeed one of the very best months on the muslim calendar with the likes of Dhul Qadar, Dhul hijja, Muharram and Rajjab where fighting is forbidden except in response to aggression.

All Muslims are compelled to fast from sunrise to sunset except for some exemption:

  • acutely or chronically ill , travelling 

  • elderly 

  • breastfeeding mother

  •  diabetic 

  • menstruating woman . 

We all are to fast starts with the predawn meal called SAHUR and the nightly feast that breaks the fast called IFTAR.

Abstainance from eating , drinking ,sexual relations and sinful speech and behaviour is encouraged. Fasting is said to redirect the heart away from worldly activities cleansing the soul by freeing it from harmful impurities..


Why so much importance to the month of ramadan

No doubt people who lived before us have been compelled to fast so ours not special but do you know a lot happened in this month enough reason we must utilize every minutes down to last seconds.

1. The month of ramadan is the month the holy Quran was revealed to prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings unto him) as a clear guidance and proof in one one the days of the last 10.

It's is also said that all other book revelation to prophets was during the month.

2. It is said that during this month Shaytan the accursed is chained along side his disciples who go round to misleading people . So enough reason you see alot finding their way back to Allah.

3. It is during this month that the prophet fought the Battle of Base and emerged victorious.


How I spend my month of ramadan

For sure everyday is to faat starting with SAHUR before sunrise and ending with IFTAR at sunset.

So here are all I do everyday during the month.

READING QURAN: For sure it's the month of the holy book so we're encouraged to read as many times and pick up guidance and lessons from it as we read.

Listening to recitations: sometimy we don't get to have the time to pick up the quran , instead listen ad you go about you work .

TAHAJJUD/ NIGHT PRAYERS: it is encouraged to stand up at night and pray to Allah asking him for all help on your daily life.

Ask and it shall be given, best to ask in this odd time of TAHAJJUD.

Feeding the poor: one of the significance of the month is basically to manage the hunger gap between the rich an poor, so the rich feel it's like to be hungry and needy and be human enough to always help.

Listening to spirited sermons : our minds are truly forgetful, we need reminder to refresh and learn newly, so attend religious gathering around, very helpful and rewarding


Alot of charity work to do this month

  • Providing IFTAR and SAHUR for those who don't have.

  • Cleaning the mosque

  • Helping the old and your parents

  • Giving alms

  • Giving fruit to Muslims to break.

A lot more and believe you're willing to tell me in the comment box. This is all I do during the month repeatedly and I pray Allah accept it as an act of ibaadah and grant us all jannah.

Jumaah Mubarak

Ramadan kareem.

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Maria Amjad Ali
16 Apr

Jummah Mubarik... Ramadan is the holy month that every one spend this while doing a lot of good activities.. 

May Allah Pak bless us in this Ramadan karim. Ameeen 

Best of luck dear for this contest. 


Adetola Muheez
16 Apr

Awn awn saying a prayer too part of the thibfs to do in this month.

I say ameen to your prayers, I pray he gives you Same too in multitudes.

Jumaah mufeedah


Bilal Ali
16 Apr

Peace be upon you

 Ramadan full of blessings and blessings

 🌿💕 O Lord, accept our broken worships and forgive us, keep the shadow of Your mercy on us always and give us courage so that we can worship You with true intention and devotion !!!  💕🌿



Adetola Muheez
16 Apr

Ameen bro.

All we ask for is his mercy and to accept all of our supplications.

Ramadan mubarak


Lubna Rao
16 Apr

MasShaAllah... Your way of spending this month is full of virtue.. Allah almighty blessed you and full fill your all desires... And best of luck for the contest.. 


Adetola Muheez
16 Apr


Thanks so much for the wishes


Suny Ag
16 Apr

I know all the points you mentioned about Islam for my childhood even if I am not a Muslim. Hey, I love that Zakat part of your religion so be kind and pay me some of it. By the way, I used to get Edi from my neighbors as a child (No one has given me zakat though, not so far).


Adetola Muheez
16 Apr

Lol.. sure this is a month to share and care.

Guess you missed your EDI i hope someone gives you as a gift soon.


Akanji Abosede
16 Apr

Ramadan is a month of blessing . May GOD accept our prayers.


Adetola Muheez
16 Apr

Ameen and grant us all jannah







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