How human cloning is done and the basic principles behind it

Your clone will be exactly you, but without the intricacies of your memory and experience. This is a powerful and extremely seductive phenomenon for many reasons. First, it sounds like an opportunity to start afresh, to live once more,to reset and to clean up. It sounds like a chance for imortality of sorts. Deep in us are hidden all these desires especially the desire to be raised in a perfectly loving environment like we would raise our clone if we had one, an the overpowering desire for imortality. This of course also harbours many ethical problems and the debate rages on in governments and scientific communities all over the world. We wait to see which side prevails.

This is how cloning is done and the basic principles behind it in a fly.

The body is made up of trillions of cells. In fact millions are lost when you brush your teeth in the morning! If we take one of those - just one of those - or one from your blood or tissue etc, that single cell contains all the information for making you. It can be coaxed and cajoled to start dividing if they put it in a nice environment like a woman's womb. Electrical signals will be used to tease it into dividing and after nine months, a copy of you will be born just like that. The woman carrying the pregnancy will have zero genetic input into the baby. For those who are into biological sciences and may have pinpoint questions here: It is shocking and interesting to know that the exact job of the sperm is to stimulate the ovum (the female egg) into dividing. The cap of the sperm cell, the acrosome, imparts an electrical signal to the egg which commands it to start dividing. It is a separate issue that the sperm's head enters the egg to present its nuclear materials for genetic latching up with the genetic information in the egg. In other words, the woman does not need a man to reproduce; but she cannot get the Y-chromosome from anywhere else. It is men that strictly need a woman's womb to reproduce. However, the mixing of genetic information from both sexes confers basic heterosis, making the offspring stronger and better. 

There is one more important point. Actually, from that one cell, about 120 or you can be made if the stem cells are harvested. The special good news is that some.ofnthe things you don't like I'm the original you can be edited out of the clone(s). The clone (s) can be made HIV-AIDS - proof, for example. My late mother one day asked me while discussing science with her, "Is it true that the white man can now make human beings"? Lol!

Welcome to the brave new world.

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Obiajulu Nwandu
04 Mar


Cloning has always had its positive and negative sides...

I wonder what the future holds in the area of cloning 


Alagbe Adeniyi
04 Mar

Cloning is a good improvement but it's has an adverse effect on the person in question..  


asma noor
04 Mar

Cloning has continually had its advantageous and negative sides...

I marvel what the future holds in the area of cloning


Kelvin Ajah
04 Mar

Cloning indeed is an advanced form of medical science and technology. I know it's possible but I haven't seen one before. But one of the beauty of it I know is that you can get desirable features and even enhance it if need be. 


Rimsha Kawal
05 Mar

I think cloning is success of science  but on the other hand it has more negative effect than it's benefits. 







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