How do you love someone? 🤔

Dear uptrendianns 

Assalam O Alaikum

   How do you love someone? 

   Or could i say how did you know if you really love a person? 🤔

   How do you love a person? 

How do you know if you love that person? Or how you make sure if that person really love you? 

   Ask him or her. A simple question can make you mind blowing. 😂😂😂😅✌️

   What the question you need to ask? 🤔

   So many questions like this. 

   How do you love me? 

   Did you really love me?😂

   So many questions but that not the right question to ask. Ask a person you love like this, you can ask yourself like this also. 

    Why do you love me? 

   You love me because you need me? 😂😂

    Or you need me because you love me?

    Try that guys. It's a nice question to ask. 

     Why he/she loves you? 🤔 Because he/she need you the reason why she loves you or she needs you because she loves you. 

    Did you get it? Or confused about that question? 😂😂😂😅✌️

     Why did you love a person? Did you love that person because you need that person? For some reason? Need that person in business or something love with benefit. 

     Or you need that person because you love her. Need that person because you love that person a simple of that, you love  him/her without any reason. Without any hiding agenda. 

    It's deferent guys think about it. 😂😂

    Ask your love one. 

    Ask to yourself. 

    If you love someone or someone love you and your confused about her/him feelings about you. Ask that question. 

    Just try. 

    Thank you for reading guys 

    Have a nice day ahead to everyone 

    God bless us 😊

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Dr. Chammy Jay
19 Oct

We don't need a reason to love someone.. I believe love when pure is total.. Like you love everything about the person and theres nothing to spare.


Princess .
19 Oct

Yes, of course when someone is in love then there is a lot of happyness and hand, and if you get love in return, then you get a lot of happiness, if you don't get love, you get a lot of Shame often 


Marva Noureen
20 Oct

Walikum assalam

By the way, I do not even understand why we love anyone ۔And even if we love him, what was asked of him, do you love me? 😂😂😂.Who knows we love that person because we need him .But when a person loves someone, there is happiness on his face. But there must be panic while expressing love 


Chukwubueze Esomonu
20 Oct

Hmm I think that form of question, that you put up is just the best way to take care of the issue. 

Well we have to always ask these type of questions to know whether they still do.

One of the questions I liked most from you is 

why do you love me?


Thomas Shelby
19 Oct

Well your question confused me alott 😂.   I think there is no need of question when you have strong eyes game lol.  

Well that's truth eyes can speak and influence directly on heart.  


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