How do you know you are ready for marriage?

This question has been one the most unanswered questions, even if when answered it's not clearly answered. 

When do you know its time to get married 

There are two side to this 

One of them is Age and the other is Emotional maturity 

Age ;

Since one of the reasons for marriage is conception and quality of offspring. Then we need to consider the biological clock men and women. 

Then the ideal range of marriage should be 

Men: 21-34yrs

Women: 18-29yrs

Because women when they get to some certain age they won't be able to give birth. 

Emotional maturity

When you have mastered SELFLESSNESS.

The basics of marriage is around emotional maturity and financial stability.

You are ready for marriage when you are emotionally and financially stable to feed more than your self. 

You are ready for marriage when you understand that marriage is sustained on the table of commitment and not love.

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Safari bangz 



awal ramlee
29 Nov

Safari, when the time comes, and the right person comes, it is something that can't be delayed a day, or forwarded a day. When it is due, it is due.


Endeme Tariah
29 Nov

This is a logical question and require serious thought before answering...most times people feel they are ready for marriage just because they have the resources and have come to age, but marriage is way beyond that... there are lots of things involved in marriage.


Nouman Yousaf
29 Nov

Age is also major factor when we are ready for marriage or think about the marriage.And the other thing we have to able to earn money by doing job or own work.


Eric Mannie
29 Nov

I don't know why you guys would remove love each time you're saying committed,have you ever being committed to someone u didn't love before and you saw it can be irritating to commit without love?

Just pointing out that point though,age and financial and emotional stability are very important in to know when you're ready to be married


Safari Bangz
29 Nov

Lol... You see eeeh, love is very important but the question is , will you still be with that person when the love fades?? 

You see where commitment comes in, you are commitment with or without love. 

Because one day in marriage Love will fade... What will keep it going is commitment until the love blossoms again.


Eric Mannie
29 Nov

Love fade away? What ever fades away isn't love bro


O.P iykman
29 Nov

Hahaha😂. I love you! 

You have proven that you understand what love is all about. Love never fades away. 

When you love someone everything about the person pleases you, and the more you continue to be with that the more the love grows. 

Indeed I love your confidence ❤


Eric Mannie
29 Nov

Thanks alot,so many people confuse infatuation with is everlasting


Safari Bangz
29 Nov

Hmmm, I like this.

Please my dear, what is love? 

Tell me what you think or know love is 


Safari Bangz
29 Nov

Hmmm that's true, but I will like it if you explain love to me.. 


Eric Mannie
29 Nov

Love has a lot of definitions o,u can look it up


Safari Bangz
29 Nov

Okay my dear friend, but when you marry you will understand that love doesn't keep marriage.. Commitment does. 

Because those guys that were divorce once loved each other. 

I have seen people who love each very much, but they can't marry, they cant commit to marriage. 

When it comes to marriage Love is not enough. 

Love is very very important , but Love has never kept marriage going. 

Love is 40 % and commitment is 60% if not more. 

@O.P Iykman


Sajjad Ali
29 Nov

Marriage is important part of our life both side can effects your marriage. Age also matters to your marriage because your age up then your felling is not well. You must do marriage when you able understand the things.


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