How did the lockdown get you?

The lockdown has been one of the very best of the newest experiences we have had in our life today. We have learned a lot and done a lot to keep ourselves relevant through this trying times especially with when most of the services were cut down and reduced to lesser hours. The uncertainty if going back to normal conditions was one that hit us first because this situations seemed to be going extremely out of hand as each day passed by and although the central government has been coming up with different measures to combat this pandemic, it still fealt unmanageable from a distance because the constant fear of the poorest not to have enough money to pay rent and buy food was really the biggest realization of how a situation can change for the worst. In some parts of the world, people were unable to get food to eat and the government had to pass around parcels of reimbursement to support the poor families. The USA managed to give upto $1400, to each citizen to support them during this period. This was not good at all. 

Putting this all aside, we have certainly been all affected in some way by the Corona virus pandemic and I believe we all have different experiences especially with the past 6 - 8 months. 

With that being said, how did the lockdown get you?

Thanks guys and don't forget to comment! :)



John Esther
10 Nov

The crona virus affected us seriously most companies couldn't supply goods that is paid for and prices of commodities in the market were so high to afford.


Donkyzhang Nobert
10 Nov

Indeed, with the pandemic, it was inevitable that the prices of good would rise becuase of less supply and high demand. 


Paul Thompson
10 Nov

I have to be speechless.. But it was really bad, affecting everything within and outside.


Donkyzhang Nobert
10 Nov

Indeed, it was not a good situation for mostly a lot of peope and that can be justified by the number of infections. 


Himayat Ullah
10 Nov

Actually I am very bored in lockdown days but I mostly days spend in uptrannd and some time I used other social medias for entertainment


Donkyzhang Nobert
10 Nov

Indeed, with such free time, it's undoubtedly true that the lockdown has been such a useful time for especially social media (entertainment in particular) 


Tayyab Hasnain
10 Nov

Uptrennd is the best achievement of my lockdown because, I came to know about this beautiful platform in lockdown...& I am liking it a lot


Donkyzhang Nobert
10 Nov

You are right because Uptrennd is the best social media platform that allows us to earn tokens that are worth dollars. 


10 Nov

I managed to use the lockdown to my advantage , I had to double my hustle , I created new avenue to make extra income , I became fatter during the lockdown.the only way it got me was that I loved traveling but due to the Lockdown all traveling was cancelled


Donkyzhang Nobert
10 Nov

Indeed, for traveling lovers, the lockdown was not sweet time for them.







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