How did a war Man get the Nobel Peace Prize?

The credibility of all Nobel prizes... especially the Nobel Peace Prize is at stake... When the award committee is silent about a war man he kells of his people... And he refuses to listen to the voice of reason and the calls to negotiate for peace... He holds in one hand a pen to sign the war decision, and on the other hand, he carries the Nobel Peace Prize!!

the matter needs to review the reliability of these colorful awards!

Was the award committee cheated?

Almost all of the reasons mentioned by the committee for granting Abiy Ahmed the award are now doing the opposite, less than a year after he won the prestigious award, or so it should be!!

He has turned against his alleged calls for peace, declared war on his people, bombed them with missiles, planes, and cannons, attacked them with heavy weapons, and refused to hear any voice calling for reason and negotiation for peace.

He has proven that he is a man of war and not a man of peace... But the Nobel Prize Committee is still sleeping watching the situation, ignoring the size of the grave mistake it made when it awarded its prize for peace to a man of war who started his war on his people before directing his weapons against his neighbors...

Even Eritrea, which was the reason for granting him that award after peace with it, entered into that war with him in that war against the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia, according to the assurances of Tigray's leaders who are demanding their right to secede from Ethiopia after Abiy Ahmed postponed the federal elections to remain in power for a longer period, in violation of the Ethiopian constitution...

The question that arises now: When will the Nobel Prize Committee announce the withdrawal of its prize for peace from a preacher of war named Abiy Ahmed Ali? !!







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