How Define Beauty of Danger

  I want to use nature as an example to illustrate the beauty of danger.

  There is a huge dangerous beauty in nature. Intense thunderstorms, blazing white heat meandering in the atmosphere... The strong sunlight is deadly in one place, and warm, comfortable and gentle in another. The ocean... was deadly in an instant, and the soft foam hissed in another instant. When people do not understand or respect the true nature of things and their full potential, beauty can be dangerous. The rain may be fresh and soothing, or it may be a flood that destroys lives. Fire dances on the candle wick, or roars on the path of destruction. It will continue forever. But, like the story of the monk and the scorpion, it is wise to understand the nature of things and still stick to their own nature to deal with things.

  Beauty is dangerous only when you don’t understand its full potential. It can also be dangerous when it diverts you from your potential, your own beauty, and equality with what you think is beautiful. For example, a mother tries to fix everything for her adult son instead of supporting her own potential. It looks beautiful to that son, but it is dangerous. This is diminishing his potential.

  So, what is the dangerous beauty of mankind? Are you talking about physical beauty, beautiful mind, mind and soul? A person can be beautiful in many different ways. What is the dangerous beauty of certain skills? The beauty of the leap in a dance performance may end in a broken leg. That is another dangerous beauty. If performed incorrectly, many skills are dangerous. The graceful handling of speeding cars in a race can be fatal. In fact, in almost everything we experience in this life, safety is only a matter of degree.

  In the eyes of lovers, beauty is the perception of all things. The beauty defined by one person in certain aspects may not satisfy another's preferences. The beauty of danger perceived by one person may not be perceived as beauty of danger by another.

  So how can beautiful people be dangerous? Physically beautiful people can fight in war and cause fatal harm to innocent children and families. They may deceive, corrupt, steal, hurt, and may be cruel like anyone else. Then, their physical beauty is their only beauty, because their hearts are far from beautiful. Such people are ignorant and are the bond of the evolution of the collective spirit of mankind.

  When human beings use beauty to manipulate, control, gain wealth or status in order to be worshipped or have control over others, beauty is a deliberate devaluation of their own humanity and everyone else. That is dangerously beautiful. It speaks of a misunderstanding of a person's inherent fullness and true nature. Only the fragmented and dull understanding of the human self can misunderstand the deeper human truth. When a person wakes up and matures, embracing the inner breadth of one's own transcendence, the inner fullness appears like a new dawn. Their self-consciousness is elevated to true beauty, which is self-knowledge. The most beautiful element among all people is true love. Love is the epitome of creating China and America. When beauty is angered in the human mind, there is no danger associated with it. There is too much wisdom in the heart, too much love in the heart.

  When human beauty is not perceived by others in wisdom, it becomes dangerous, just like when it is used to compare with oneself and decide to lack oneself. But this also worked when they finally awakened their inherent truth of equality, because we all came from the same source and instilled the essence of this source.

  When finding inner balance, they regard beauty as the eternal order of all things. Their inner truth recognizes that their perception of life and the world has a greater integrity. They know the inherent inherent beauty of beauty, because beauty is perceiving beauty.

  Because the inner sense of beauty perceives beauty, it is distorted to believe that oneself is less beautiful than beauty, or to think that beauty may be restricted in any way.

  There is another scene that looks scary and dangerous, but the result brings beauty. Therefore, we do not always understand that we are looking at beauty. It cannot be truly defined in the small window that humans use to define it. For example, a seemingly catastrophic disaster may eventually bring huge progress to the relevant personnel. That is "terrible beauty". In the end, we transcend duality and see that the source of everything is beauty, love and light.







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