How can we get the right image source?

Hello everyone, have great days..

Today i want to talk about you about the image source rule..

Actually it's something really easy and we all should obey this rule..

When we create a content and when we need an image or images we should follow this easy system:

For example if we need image of a "Palm Tree" all you have to do;


(Go to image search)


(Choose your image)  

This is important: While you are choosing your image all you need to do is to click to right mouse button and get the right image source.. Just like that:


(Use the right click, copy image address and get the source)

Your link should be seen like:

Not like this one:

Or this:

PS: If you use more than 1 image in your content you have to give all their links..

Thank you..



Asekevwe Ejoke
04 Sep

Thanks for informing us on how to place our image source,I didn't really know how to go about it, really educative


Mubasher Mahdi
04 Sep

This is the greatest information for newbies to use image Source. They lose much of their points because of not providing image source and not well aware of selection of right Community.


Maha 🇵🇰
04 Sep

Well image source always should be clickable. It can be taken from any websight from which the link of that image could taken. Thenku for teaching newbies.


Mhiz Becky
04 Sep

Its essential to always source image because this gives credit to the original owner, sone people don't know how to source image so i believe this explanation will help them alot soThanks for sharing this


Olatunbosun Bossman
04 Sep

Getting to know where to locate the image source of any of our post has always been the problem that most people has been facing on this platform most especially the newbies. I think this your post will go a long way in helping those that don't know how to put image source on their post. 







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