How Boosting Your Post Will Help You Grow On Uptrennd


Boosting is the way to gain more visibility when it comes to have more engagement on your posts. "Exposure" of your content can be built through this. This is one of the best feature that no other social media has given within the website, they need to be paid through long ass means and no one literally wants to get through the headache.

 Uptrennd has made it easier to increase the visibilty just through few points being consumed up. When i was new to the platform i didn't understand much about "boost" but when my experience enlarged and i researched, i got to know how important was this "boosting up post". And one thing that we fear loosing points and getting no good response, but it happens in starting and is based upon the quality and the interests of viewers. You'll start getting results after few repetitions.

Boosting up in starting at low levels seems hard and points being consumed up but what i believe every great thing has a hard climbed ladder. I myself built through steps, not just a day or two. I gained followers, engagement and fans for my content in long race. Summing up i urge newbies to put your "quality" posts on 100 views boost atleast which requires only 4 points. This will help you grow.

  Visibilty = Growth



Ajwa G
05 Nov

I also did not put the post on boost.  Because I didn't know about it.  You have provided good information.  My post is useless nowadays. I am saddened by my hard work but now I will try using boost


Ayesha Khan
05 Nov

Thanks for sharing this its good way and yes this is main problem of low level members Boosting up in starting at low levels seems hard and points being consumed up and yes of course this good way to moving upside what i believe every great thing has a hard climbed ladder. I myself built through steps, not just a day or two.

And In this way we can get more attention and attraction. And get more points.


Ubaid Rehman 🇵🇰
05 Nov

Boosting is best way to Increase the viewers on Your post.

 The post stays 2 or 3 minutes if there are some users active otherwise it stays not more than 1 minute.

The newbies like we hav3 level less than 10.

We should use 100 boost from 4 points.I usually use this sometime it becomes benefit for me sometime i not get any users engaged with my post.

Thanks @Esma sid for sharing with us


Donkyzhang Nobert
05 Nov

Yes, @Ayesha Khan, you are right and usually most content will get noticed by many users when we boost especially when this is quality content. This also will attract more followers to our blog hence helping us grow on the platform. 


Minha Khan
05 Nov

yeah dear @esma i am aware of this point,,,,

it is the way to gain more engagement on your post...

it is the best features of this website....In this way we get more attention and attration from our uptrend family,,,,i think new bies get advantage from this feature.....

thankyou so much for always motivating us💖💖💖💖....


Muhammad Zulfiqar
05 Nov

On low level it seems difficult and hard to boost i also start boosting post after level 10.But boosting post is always really very helpful to get more engage. We should try to boost our post because it also help to increase followers. As more people look your quality post by boosting you will get more followers. 


Abdullah Riyan khan
05 Nov

Exactly boosting up option is to grow yourself quickly and it made you famous quickly on this platform if you have quality content and you have creative skills and don't worry about points because few points make you successfull







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