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01 Jan
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Busola Akinlolu 2 months ago

Blockchain has been since bitcoin, it's the future or now and years to come and that's why we see many companies adopting the technology, if all things are done using his technology then we are sure of a better life.

Godwin Imafidor 2 months ago

You're right. However the argument is blockchain is not yet big because it only applicable to crypto for now with bitcoin as the main player. 

Jonathan B 2 months ago

This is one of the best explainer intro videos to blockchain I've ever watched. I've watches countless hours of them over the past 2.5 years and this one is really one of the best: Let me know what you think....if it helps at all etc.

Yes, blockchain will absolutely revolutionize the world in many ways. This guy explains it so well. 

Godwin Imafidor 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing the Link of that video. Since it's being recommended by you it must have some quality information. I look it up later when I'm more relaxed and have a more conducive learning environment. 

Chris Tibbits 2 months ago

Hey Godwin, I really like this post. The way you present a post and request "comments" to be engaging is what this platform is all about! I enjoy reading posts and will only comment when I feel I should. Freedom of speech is a right we should use ( respectfully of course) more of. I can't engage much in THIS post because I don't have much knowledge about Blockchain or Crypto yet to put my "2 cents" in but I appreciate what you did. Keep it up!!

Sabelo Mbombela 2 months ago

Blockchain technology is in its infancy.The use of our technology is huge not only on cryptocurrencies but in various   fields it can be applied to make things work better and more efficiently

Godwin Imafidor 2 months ago

You're saying bitcoin is not yet big but growing.


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