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How about some more OC?

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Chris Tibbits 5 months ago

Thank you Jan! As I have read your article it drives me to want to post MORE OC now..however , I am not at that point yet. I see however , a lot of “OC” content that has jumped people WAY UP in levels but from reading the rules , it’s not legit OC. I know the reasons why we would want the points , but if it’s not right ...it’s not ours. We constantly have people abusing the rules , it’s just greed. I’ll get here when I get there ! Thank you!!

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

Chris, I know that depending on our activities, it takes certain amount of time to create it. But you can develop it as a gradual strategy, for example this week – you may create 10% of your posts as OC, then slightly increase each time. Of course always matching your time on Uptrennd with your other activities. If you write OC more often, you will be able to write it much faster and even better than before; another way is to create videos. I personally don’t do them because I need better equipment but I will be on the way doing them.

MrBullishSail Crypto Trader 5 months ago

Excellent post, Jan :), very useful information for everyone, you mentioned very good advice on how to make the most of our online work, the original content is always more valuable, therefore, is rewarded greatly :)

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

Hi MrBullishSail Crypto Trader, I totally agree. For example when I read your OC related to TA, I know that we’re always in hands of an expert in this matter.

MrBullishSail Crypto Trader 5 months ago

I appreciate it very much, I also like to follow your content that gives a lot of value to the community :)

Luke Brenland 5 months ago

Hit the nail right on the head mate! OC is much more effective and has a much bigger impact too :)

I really like your point about passive income as i often get notifications about people upvoting my old posts! like months old posts too haha

This is a great article for people to take notes from :)

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

100% agree. OC is a great investment on the long run.

St3v3 T88888 5 months ago

Well written post again Jan and so on point as per usual

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

I was inspired by all of you.

Nathan Kaytar 5 months ago

Nice Jan, 

I really love your drive and determination to help others begin their journey creating their own O.C. content. 

Keep it up. ??

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

I think I discovered my inspiration and passion for writing thanks to all of you.


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