Hello, everyone.

Trust we're enjoying the awesomeness of this enabling platform. Me, I do hehe.

The Uptrennd city game is still on going and behold it's getting more fun day after day.

 In mission2 I succeeded securing a large area of land at the oceanside. 

You could imagine how lucky I am to have found such a place in Uptrennd city.  

A place where you can enjoy booms of nature. It's very close to the ocean. The sea breeze there is incomparable. Some of us who have experienced it would know more about it.

 The most important thing there is based on  the fact that 

I have accomplished building bungalows on it. 

preview not available

Those bungalows are for commercial purposes. They are elegant that you will be comfortable with it. 

There are a massive space for you to use as your car park, garden, and playing field.

If you are interested in the game or have joined but don't have a house to live in, worry no more. 

The essence of this post to let you know that you can move in to any of those Ocean Bungalows.

 But you will be paying  rent to me. Excited, right. Just don't laugh, I mean it. 

There are vacancies in my Land..

No:223 Ocean -palm, Palace; is available for rent now.

Just have a look.preview not available


No:224 Ocean-palm, palace; is also available for rent too.

Here you goooo.preview not available

source ​​​

Why waiting, are you wondering of the paying rent. Worry not it's affordable now. 

We offer the best security. It's not a place to live in fear of the night men..No hehe.

Interested persons should drop a comment in the comments section below. You are enjoined not to violate the rules of this game. 

Thank you 

I'm excited to engage with you in the comments section of this post to communicate this game.

If you are interested to join in this game click on Tiger Lily​​

But be the first to rent a house in my land.




Agaga Julius
08 Feb

We are both landlords now. So, I hope your rent is not that cheap? 

And you have a beautiful house for rent. 


O.P iykman
08 Feb


Glad that you are also a landowner too hehe. Hope your tenants locates you sooner.

And yes, mine isn't all that inexpensive.

Thanks for stopping by.


Merit Ahama
08 Feb

Come on to where? They will come and rent mine not yours 🤪

You have really enticing houses to rent but I hope you have the tenants that are capable to pay the bills 😂

I think mine is cheaper and more comfortable so they will come for mine first 😉

Nice one, I love your houses. 


O.P iykman
08 Feb

Hahahaah 😂😂.

Lamoo 😂. Don't you think that trenndians of nowadays don't like cheaper stuff. 😂

This girl, you got me laughing (seriously)

Thanks for your compliments. I will be there to see what your home looks like 


Merit Ahama
08 Feb

😳 Trenndians don't like cheap stuffs? I never knew. 

Lemme go and increase my house rent 😏



O.P iykman
08 Feb

😂😂😂😂. No come back. Did I even said such?  You don't have to increasing and decreasing like that, nah. Just maintain your normal lane


preview not available Osato Jegede
08 Feb

Uptrennd is city centered on data security and freedom of speech 


O.P iykman
08 Feb

Exactly, sir, it's indeed one of the most wonderful things about the city. 

Giving all occupants high security and freedom to voice their opinions made  the city special.

Thank you, sir.


Tiger Lily
08 Feb

No. 223 is my FAVORITE! wowwwwwww look at how expansive it is... and that lovely lawn - and STILL close enough to the beach??? lovely! hehehehe

I'm sure that you're gonna be getting some people lining up soon hehehehe


O.P iykman
08 Feb

Hahaha. I also like that house very well 😂.

Seems like we have the same view of the elegant design of that house. Hehe

And yes, I hope that people will come to rent it.







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