Hello, I am new to this and I would like to start by talking about one of the most important things in our life, such as home; which is considered and defined as our comfort and space of trust where we interact with the members of our family in a healthy way and in complete harmony of trust.

I confess that I have been experiencing certain changes in my life regarding creating a new home where I will be the wife and mother of my baby who is on the way, I confess that it has not been easy at all, it is something new for me and that one or the other -form, that I am afraid of not knowing if I am going to do the right thing to create a stable and loving Home.

I have so many questions, and so many doubts that I would like many of those who here publish and live in this fabulous application to give me their best advice and perspective on what is the responsibility of a home ...



Xofo Miles
23 Aug

Now that this pandemic has made us stay at home this is the time we need to learn and understand ourselves


Marilyn Navarro
23 Aug

Yes, although we would have to learn to tolerate the other.







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