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Home Sweet Home

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Hello Trenndiers Greetings To You All

Please, where else would you feel comfortable If you can't feel comfortable in your home and in the midst of your loved ones 🤷🤷

Oh My Home! When shall I see my home?

Hehehhe... you don't need to answer this question so just allow it to ring in your head while we ponder on those things that usually makes you  to think about your home.

Those that attended boarding school know what it feels like to do this;


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Hehehe... it's a countdown and it starts from when you step foot into the school premises.

Months become weeks,

Weeks become days,

Days become hours,

And this goes on till vacation. 

Your office or school may be more luxurious than the place you call home but the difference is in the people that share that space with you.

Someone like me whom have been taking junks for a while is already filled with the thought of going home and having a taste of that special home-made delicacies.

Ughhhhhhh 😂😭 but it can't happen now. I still have a couple of months and still counting 🤦 so, l just have to wait like a duteous angel

The love, smiles, meals and even the friendly chirping feels so different when it's coming from a family member. 

Family love is second to none so anyone that has a home should count it as a blessing ✔️✔️✔️

Thanks for not missing any full-stop or comma



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It's a Wrap

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Faizan Azhar
13 Oct

There is not such a good thing as the home for all of us to live.. 

The home gives us protection


Kenechukwu Ezeme
13 Oct

Exactly Bro.... Our home gives us protection and we are always safe there because we are there with people that care about us


Babar Ali
13 Oct

Everyone feels happy in home

A time with family would be a precious time


Kenechukwu Ezeme
13 Oct

It is both a precious time and a quality time because every second and every minute of it counts.

We should never take such time for granted


Ozï Oma
13 Oct

LOL, I went to a boarding school, I always kept a calendar for countdown to go home and I stroke out dates as they pass


Kenechukwu Ezeme
13 Oct

Lolllllll... So, you are one of those people that initiate automatic countdown right from the beginning of the session 😂😂

Woww... Our home usually gives us a very unique feeling so, we just have to enjoy it because some people wish to be in that position but they have no one to call family


Ozï Oma
13 Oct

Lol, things changed in the University for me sha. I was no longer that excited about going home


RinNy Mboro
13 Oct

In the home we find peace,love and comfort and unlike other circular place we're surrounded by our love ones so home is sweet and conforting


Kenechukwu Ezeme
13 Oct

Being surrounded by our loved ones is what makes it very special and unique.

We hardly get bored at home and we feel a high level of safety there


Real Demilade
13 Oct


You've really got a lot of stickers there.

Home is a refuge destination for everyone oh. School life is only enjoyed with friends that stand as family.


Kenechukwu Ezeme
13 Oct

Hahhahahaha.... Where are the stickers 😂😂. Yours are equally on the road Bro.

Home is just second to none and having those type of Friends can equally help us to feel relaxed even when we are not at home







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