Hobbies to Make You Have a Pleasant and Happy Time at Home
  1. You know how much technology takes up space in our lives today. As technology develops, it becomes a bigger part of our lives. Especially since we spend more time at home during the pandemic period, I think that even if it is facilitating to do education and work online, it may have negative effects in the long term. For this reason, I searched for non-technological activities to spend time at home.

I am extremely curious about technology. However, being busy with technology for a long time takes a lot from normal life. For this reason, non-technological; I'm trying to learn what I can do to make me have a good time. I want to include them in this article.

Making a model

We can find models suitable for your interests and we can make them at home. Model making can be a great hobby for you to both relax your mind and to think and have a pleasant time. You can even add a nice atmosphere to your home with the models you make. You can decorate your home with the model planes, trains, houses and cars you make.


Origami art can improve your manual skills and focus. Besides, it can help to take your mind away from everyday life and rest. You can create great works by using different colored papers.

Play a musical instrument

Frankly, I am not a master in any musical instrument. In my past years, I loved playing the organ. I would buy myself miniature organs and try to make music with pleasure. There are many options if you want to play musical instruments. You can take one of the guitar, clarinet, flute, organ or whatever you want to play and enroll in a course. Kalimba has been hugely popular lately and is both affordable and easy to play. By playing Kalimba, you can have a good time and develop your creativity. I think kalimba can be given a chance.

Growing flowers, plants at home

Growing flowers and plants is an occupation that requires care and love. Growing flowers or plants can stimulate a sense of compassion and compassion in you.

Jewelry making

You can make wonderful and stylish bracelets or necklaces with beads, natural stones and colorful strings. In this way, you can create stylish combinations that are compatible with your clothes with the jewelry you make with your own hands.


Playing sports is not just for building muscle. You can choose a suitable type of sport for yourself to be healthier, protect our health, be more fit, and even a healthy soul-body-mental health and add energy, movement and color to your life. You can choose from sports such as walking, cycling and yoga.

Sewing embroidery, knitting

A handcrafted hobby like sewing and knitting can be great. You can knit sweaters for yourself, your spouse and your children with your own hands. You may have some ideas already ...

T-shirt design

You can design your t-shirts with figures, pictures, writings and beautiful words as you wish. You can use T-Shirt Pens or T-Shirt Painting Sets.

Taking photo

Photography is an occupation that I also want to do. If you want, you can immortalize wonderful moments with an amateur digital camera. In fact, when you develop yourself a little, you can even sell the photos you take. In fact, you can publish your blog posts with the photos you take yourself.

Calligraphy learning

You can improve yourself in Calligraphy by using only paper and pen.

Letter writing

I guess writing letters was a thing of the past with the developing technology. But what would it be like to write a letter to your loved ones with your own hands? In the past, we used to send letters and postcards to our loved ones for special occasions. Reviving these customs can actually add color to our lives.

Painting, Caricature

If you are interested in painting and caricatures, it is never too late to try it. Painting or caricatures can provide you with a fun and creative time. Maybe you can present your paintings at an exhibition. Why not?

If you are in search of a hobby like me, I hope this article has helped you find the hobby you want to do. With Love

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Maha Ali

Waooo...You are so creative minded person and your hobbies are also great. Hobbies gives us great activities and engage us all time so that we feel ourself tension free and body also feels active. My favourite hobby is just books reading. And I like to read motivational books. My favourite motivational speaker is Robin Sharma. And his all books are really so great.


Turuncu .

Thank you very much for your inspiration, your comment is very valuable. 🙏 I try to think good things, dream good things, do good things. I like to research and learn. However, I believe that in order to learn something deeply, it is necessary to try and experience. I like to read books on topics I am curious about, to research, if possible, to try and evaluate the results.


Somoo Hassan

Having a hobby is really a very good thing. Sometimes  we couldn't get that what hobby we have and this way our that particular talent vanishes with time 


Turuncu .

Since childhood I have been interested in technology, technical issues, spirituality, personal development and communication. In our house, I used to arrange the television channels of our neighbors and relatives. When they got a new phone, they would ask me what and how they would do it. Everyone has such abilities. If desired, you can find other hobbies that you enjoy doing. I just wanted to share a few suggestions. Hope it was useful for friends in uptrennd.


Somoo Hassan

Thank you so much for your suggestions 


Turuncu .

You're welcome. Thank you for your comments and support.🙏


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza

All these alternatives that you present to us as hobbies are very good to distract you and spend some time relaxing, the one I enjoy the most of these is drawing, although I don't do it very well, I confess that drawing is something that makes me feel very calm and at peace.


Turuncu .

I had tried cartoon drawing for a while. 😊 My drawings were not bad actually. But the most I enjoyed was playing the organ. I like to calm down with different hobbies in different periods of my life. Trying new things is enjoyable.


Raheem Haider

I spend most of my time in my own garden because Gardening is an activity that's good for both the mind and body.


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