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History of MAY DAY.

There is no adequate pay for the work; The job is not guaranteed; Eight-hour work is nowhere to be found; This day underscores the need to advance the struggle for rights, to understand the history of May Day in the context of decolonization in which workers are being exploited like slaves and the rights of the working class being stripped away one by one.

Labor Day is not something that is observed as Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day. In 1886, workers fighting for an eight-hour day in Chicago were drowned in a bloodbath and leaders were hanged. We generally know that May Day is observed in its memory.

History before and after:

‘From early morning till dusk’ is the working day then. The resulting grievances were expressed by American workers as early as the 19th century. Sixteen, seventeen and eighteen hours of work were normal then.

As early as 1806, Philadelphia workers in the United States went on strike. These struggles took place in all the developing countries where workers were exploited under capitalism.

In 1877 the largest strike took place. Tens of thousands of road, railway and steel workers attended. They fought against the government and the municipality with intense militancy. The army was launched against them. The workers continued to struggle. The protests that erupted during the 8-hour movement in the United States in 1884 were the direct cause of May Day.

On the first day of May, Chicago saw a huge scene in which a large number of workers left their tools & work  and took to the streets in protest at the call of the city labor movement. The demonstration was one of the greatest class solidarity ever.The 8-hour movement, which culminated on May 1, 1886, marked a turning point in the history of the American working class struggle.

At the same time, the combined forces of the workers' bosses and the state arrested the Chicago workers who marched. They thought they could crush the city of Chicago's labor movement by destroying militant leaders. McCormick Reaper Works workers who went on strike on May 3 protested against police brutal repression on May 4 in what became known as Straw Market Square. The meeting went quiet. The police again ... the crowd was thrown a bomb attack upon the assembled workers, killing a sergeant. Seven policemen and four workers were killed in the ensuing clash. The Chicago city bosses' response was the bloodshed in Straw Market Square and the imprisonment and execution of Chicago labor leaders. Throughout the second half of 1886 the planned brutal attack by the bosses continued.

The Paris Conference of 1889 adopted the following resolution. "Working labours in all countries and in all cities must fight against the government and the administration to legalize the 8-hour day. The conference decides to hold this as a worldwide demonstration and demand implementation of the Paris Conference results. The Confederation of American Workers, which met in St. Louis in December 1888, had already chosen May 1, 1890, for such a demonstration, and it was agreed to hold an international demonstration on the same day. Therefore, on that particular day, the conference declares that all workers in the country should hold this demonstration according to their country's circumstances. This was followed by the expansion of labor struggles in various countries, including Europe, Germany and the United States. And got success

 The May Day demonstrations are not just for the eight-hour workday, the main desire of the working class is to eradicate class discrimination through social change, and to bring peace to all people around the world.

 Labour day wishing to all workers. Our heartfelt tribute to all the workers who sacrificed their lives in 1886.

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Wisdom Chinonso
30 Apr

Thank you for sharing this history with us also thank you for reminding us what the is all about.


Rosewell ogini
30 Apr

Thanks for telling us how may day came into existence some persons paid for this day with their lives and today every worker is enjoying it.


Muhammad Farooq Sabar
30 Apr

wonderful history of labour day shared by you.its truth that before that i dont know about the history of labour day.


rabail fatima
30 Apr

Waoo such a beneficial and innovative information you shared about the labourer surely they are always hard working that's why they deserve holiday too. Thanks for sharing history of this day the real meaning of 1st may


Atanda Davido
30 Apr

You really did justice to the history of may day, may Almighty bless every worker both in public and private sector, we urge the government to provide jobs for the youths many are unemployed







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