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The Bermuda Triangle is located in the Western Part of North Atlantic Ocean and is also called the Devil's Triangle.When I used to listen to it as a child I heard many stories but today all the confusion between you and me will go away.

This is the area where Boats,ship and Aircrafts all of a sudden disappeared and don't know where they go and it's been going on for centuries.In 1950 Edward wrote an article about it and gave all his suggestions in it. But no one paid much attention to it.

When a US Navy fighter jet, Fight 19, suddenly disappeared while on flight on Bermuda, Edward wrote all about this disappearance because he did not know the mysterious thing.Fight 19, which was mysteriously lost in 1945 while flying.

 The USS Cyclops, which contained manganese ore, also mysteriously disappeared from the scene on 1918.

Star Tiger and Star Ariel, which went missing during a flight to Bermuda in 1949, have been the subject of many incidents, but the reason for their disappearance remains unknown to this day. 

And in 1976 this case was highly criticized and What is it here that is causing people to be mysteriously lost and so much credit has been placed on it and then its boundary has been measured and thus its boundary has come into existence but not the real reason.

Some people say that the reason for mysterious loss of ships and aircrafts is because of Pilots.It so happened that he was not an expert and thus the ships,Aircrafts and boats sank.

After this some people criticize that it happened  due to the bad weather, there are many storms coming and this mysteriously loss of aircrafts and ships was due to this violent weather.

But this problem has not been solved yet and there is still a lot of research going on and this mysterious place is still being researched ...



hassan raza
23 Nov

you'r right Bermuda Triangle, section of the North Atlantic Ocean off North America in which more than 50 ships and airplanes are said to have mysteriously disappeared. thanks for sharing this amazing information.


Marva Noureen
23 Nov

I had never heard of this area before. I was surprised to hear that boats and planes are disappearing here. And the pilot is to blame. It will be a mysterious place where there would be disappearance and destruction.You have not said that the research is still going on. Sometimes information about this area will be obtained. What is happening in this place due to which planes and boats have disappeared.


Moses Ateh
24 Nov

This is awesome, I love history a lot but I have never taken a time to look into this particular one

You just made it for me. Thanks a lot for sharing


Sajid Hussain
23 Nov

But it is still being researched whether it is complete or not. I don't think it is possible for a human being to do this.


XxX offiong
24 Nov

But the fact is that ships still navigates this route on a daily basis, the mystries surrounding the dissaperance of every other is one science is still battling with explanation







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