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Hi Uptrennds, Introducing Myself As Mykos!

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Jon Bit 1 week ago

Hey Mykos is that a suit you have on? Looking snazzy! Welcome to this new world!

Erica Fleming 1 week ago

Well hi there!! You are a multi broker huh! Nice to have you here!!! Welcome welcome! Thanks for doing the intro!!! Nice to see your face!!laugh

Mykos Inglewood 1 week ago

Haha, yes i am. This site is such a pleasure to use quite user friendly. How long have you been going?

Erica Fleming 1 week ago

I think this is my fourth week!!cheeky I looooove it!!!

Mykos Inglewood 1 week ago

that's great i see why. so easy to use and i like easy.

Nathan Kaytar 1 week ago

Hey Mykos, welcome to the community!

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out smiley

Mykos Inglewood 1 week ago

Thanks! i'm reading the faq now. Trying to learn all i can.

Romana Grubesic 1 week ago

Hello Mykos! Thnx for intro. Hope you will enjoy our friendly community.

Daniel Staggs 1 week ago

Hey Mykos!! Welcome to Uptrennd mate!
Good to see more crypto enthusiasts joining the no1 platofrm. You have some experience in the financial stuff i see?

What sort of content are you planning on posting?

Jarau Moses 1 week ago

Hello and welcome to Uptrennd, I hope to learn a few tricks from you on stock brokerage!

I am also still new here and I am really enjoying my time.

Luke Brenland 1 week ago

Hello Fella, Nice to meet you and Great to have you in our community :D Big up for the tunes!!!

Looking dappa man! look forward to seeing what content you put out with all the knowledge you hold! 

Hopefully i can learn some things from yourself as i am a big commodities person myself and even bigger blockchain/crypto enthusiast

CHARLES FUCHS 6 days ago

Welcome the the community MyKos! :)


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