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Hi Uptrennd ?️ I heard you like my bubble charts. Story inside!

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Daniel Staggs 7 months ago

Hey! Welcome!

I follow you on Instagram and love your charts, they look great!

Congrats on that & hope you enjoy Uptrennd!!

Ulrich Stark 7 months ago

Oh you knew me before ? that is so heart warming. Thank you for your feedback ❤️ i will stay here for sure and watch the community build up ?️

Jeff Kirdeikis 7 months ago

This is so cool! 

Do you have an API we could plug in to Uptrennd?

Ulrich Stark 7 months ago

Not yet.

But there are some ways to include it or i could create an api for this exact reason. Just reach out to me on twitter please ?️

Edit: almost forgot to thank you ??

Ulrich Stark 7 months ago

Or here ? haha. Is their a chat system right now? Sorry. I am not that long here

Jan Borgers  7 months ago

click on the speaking bubble and search for jeff for instant message direct  next to the Bell on the Top.

Crypto ThinQ 7 months ago

That big red BSV bubble looks sexy! 

Ulrich Stark 7 months ago

Haha yes laugh my tweet on here (https://twitter.com/cryptobubbly/status/1117854700492206085) was about this special bubble laughwink​​​​​​​

Nathan Kaytar 7 months ago

uptrennd​​​​​​​Like your bubble charts? I freaking love them!

Welcome to uptrennd, if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to reach out I'm always around.

Ulrich Stark 7 months ago

Thank you cheekyyesyes​​​​​​​ currently no questions... just enjoying the wonderful community out there. ohhhh. almost forgot! i dont know if i should save my points or level up even more :( i really dont know

Jansen Mod 7 months ago

Strategy, strategy! wink It all comes down to strategy. With level 3 you already unlock a personalised URL, but you can also use points to boost your posts, or give as small donations to other users. (Upvoting is free) In the (near) future you will be able to withdraw, level up to unlock more functionality, use for other fun new upcoming features, etc.

So yes, there will be some wise decisions to be made with those valuable 1UP points. cool​​​​​​​

Martin Kiel 7 months ago

Wow haha this is cool! Good job!


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