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02 Mar
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Milly Millyo 4 months ago

Well Hello Charlie!  So cute!  Sounds like an ideal dog to have around!  A cuddler is a must!  Thanks for sharing CJ!  

Chris Tibbits 4 months ago

Hey Milly! Thanks! Do you have a pet? I'd LOVE to read a post and see a pic if you do!!

Komal Khan 4 months ago

This is looking very good very beautiful Charlie  this is nice family dog

Chris Tibbits 4 months ago

LOL! Thank you Haroon. He is a really great pet to be fair.

idunique Etim™ 4 months ago

Dogs have overtime proved to be one of the most loved creatures by humans. Their ability to be emotional and even intelligence, is one of those reasons you just can't stop admiring them.

I'm glad that Uptrennd has expanded its communities, I will be looking forward to follow how your relationship with lovely Charlie continues.

He must be a very cool headed dog, barking just twice. 

Chris Tibbits 4 months ago

I know that hits a sensitive button with alot of people because NOT everyone LOVES dogs. I get that. But a family pet is a family pet. Weather it be a DOG or a HERMIT CRAB! So, I don't have too much negative to say about other family pets. 

  I am glad as well that Uptrennd expanded their communities more as well Idunique. I have so many pics of Charlie....well, chilling... He's very "photogenic" these days lol!

Saqib Ajmal 4 months ago

Your Charlie is very cute I also have a dog, its movements are like same like your dog family dog always are good 

Chris Tibbits 4 months ago

You do? Please do an OC post so we ALL can see and meet YOUR family pet! I'd love to see it Saqib!

@Sultaan Urdgan 4 months ago

Yes,Family pets become members of the family over time And the dog is a loyal animal, and especially in today's time, human loyalty is less and more than the animal.

Chris Tibbits 4 months ago

For me ...the dog IS my loyal pet, but I know alot don't see it the same way, but that's okay too!







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