HEX Advertising in English Premier League!

HEX project is going strong and they are entering in the TOP 200 coins list on coinmarketcap.. They are also started to have advertising in the biggest football organization on earth, English Premier League! 

HEX has appeared in West Ham United - Aston Villa game last week!

There are big expectations with the HEX and you should not miss them.. The predictions shows that they will be in TOP 100 in early 2021.. So take your HEX coins today..



preview not available Lucas S
29 Jul

Wow, now thats some good advertising! It's a pretty big stage for it!

Also, would you mind linking the source to the video, if it's yours then no worries!


Jae Subramoney
29 Jul

Richard Heart really knows how to out market anyone in the crypto space. The guy is a genius and HEX is the best DeFi projects out there. I'm very very happy I got in one day one!!! I want to try and get more HEX before the Big Pay Day!!! 


siddharth haribhai
29 Jul

happy to see crypto make its presence felt in the sporting world. 


HEX Token





HEX is a brand new exciting cryptocurrency project aimed at creating the best store of value ever created. HEX is one part game theory and one part financial instrument. Users are rewarded for holding and staking, similar to a certificate of deposit (CD) but on the blockchain. Hex is a token on the Ethereum Blockchain created by Richard Heart. HEX launched on 3 December 2019. HEX Offical Website (refer for in-depth project details): https://hex.win


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