Heroes never die

​​​When I paint an image of Muhammad Ali Sadpara in my head, I don’t see him caught in the ranges of K2. I don’t see him struggling. I see him thundering on the highest point of the mountains. I see a master of igloos providing supplies to our soldiers in Siachin or saving a foreign expedition. I see him climbing Nanga Parbat, Spantik, Muztagh Ata, Makalu, Lhotse, Manaslu, and every other hellbent ranges he loved climbing.

Ali Sadpara is much more than a mountain climber. In a week or two when the world will start to forget all of this, I hope we recognize the legacy he has left behind. His family, his son Sajid Sadpara, his adventures, and everything he loved doing.

Ali Sadpara is a chapter of a book that includes thousands of people like him. It’s just sad that the world recognizes them as legends only when they’re dead. These unsung heroes who have been climbing these deadly mountains for ages.

Until the world meets you again, Muhammad Ali Sadpara. Rab raakhan.

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Asad Chaudhary
23 Feb

Yea he is the hero of Pakistan. He sacrifice his life for our country.


Lubna Rao
23 Feb

No doubt heroes never die. And hero like Ali sadpara.. I salute him. A boy of Mountainar will die in the gardan of mountains.. 


Lummy Ayeni
23 Feb

yes u are very right by saying hero never dies but u are only speaking in parables but the fact is that when dey die there good works still speaks for them so that means they still exist .


preview not available Emaan Ali
23 Feb

He was a great hero😍

I had listened to his story from my brother and I was thinking that I can salute him.  I believe we remember legends when they became history.


Ifiok Eso
23 Feb

What a legend. May his soul rest in peace. Hero's never dies because their legacies will always live on from ages to ages, generations upon generations..







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