Here we go...

Would you like a little taste of our Dec. 1 reveal?

and... maybe win some 1up?  

  • No need to upvote this post.

  • No need to come here and drop a link of a tweet.

the ONLY thing you need to do...

is watch for my tweet tomorrow   

Eleven people will be chosen randomly from those who retweet my tweet.

There is 2500 1up  - up for grabs! 

If you're not following me on Twitter...

 you might want to do that now   

Twitter handle: @TigerTrennd

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Mahnoor Amna
29 Nov

I doonnntt waanntt too loooseee a chance to win 1ups yeaahhhh 😍 and and and i am gonna be part of every funnnn in december so count me innnnn 💯💯


Tiger Lily
29 Nov

hehehehe will be so super fun! hehehe


Adeleye Abdulqudus
29 Nov

I am already a following follower always trying to follow-up..  hehehe.

2500 1up for lucky ones.... Dec 1 on my little mind. 


Tiger Lily
29 Nov

hahahahaha  its on my mind too!!!  When it finally comes - I'll finally be able to breathe again hahahaha


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
29 Nov

Done , this is going to be great , rush hour guy ensure you follow and turn on your notification 


Tiger Lily
29 Nov

hehehehe  i love creating little tiny twitter tornadoes!  LOL


Merit Ahama
29 Nov

Wow am getting more excited, you sure do know how to put in suspense ma'am and I love it😉 hehehe

I am a follower already, can't wait to see your tweet😁 to grab some 1up.

Thanks for this opportunity to making our December one to remember.


Tiger Lily
29 Nov

hehehehe sure!!!  hope that we can keep making it fun even past December and then grow into January and beyond! hehehe

We want to help make Uptrennd shine!   and hope that so many will join our project to do the same! heheheh


Agaga Julius
29 Nov

I wouldn't want to loose the chance to grab the 1up. This is a great opportunity you have brought out for us all. 

I can't wait to see the content of your Twitter. 


Tiger Lily
29 Nov

It will be a little bit of a sneak peek at what's coming next hehehehe 

but not sure if anyone will be able to guess hehehehe but that's ok - it's still a fun opportunity to GIVE 1UP!!!!!!!!! wooooooooot!







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