Here Is Why Flower Photos Are Getting Downvotes

Image from ​Pixabay​​​ and edited by me.

Lots of users have been coming questioning over the matter of downvotes on flower posts so here is a brief discussion on this matter that whats the reason these posts aren't quality and adding up to the growth of uptrennd.
Photography and nature are two beautiful conmunities that are badly spammed by the low quality flower photos on daily basis repeatedly without a pause. The concept of the photo is always same telling the softness, colour, saying good morning, telling that its my garden flower or i walked in the morning and found this flower. And users by watching each others posts are doing same, and thats ruining the communities.
No you are not being said not to post flower photo, but i should be quality with some nice thoughts in description of it, you can write something good with it. But its not being done!!

Why these posts are being downvoted??

There are thousands of users who daily create content with efforts rather than posting flowers. Isn't it an intensive difference between you and them? Who are giving time and putting efforts? Downvotes are the tool to be used to moderate low quality content and bring good quality forth. Abundance of a single poor concept is what we called spam!! And spam is not entertained here. Please bring something new and authentic. 




sonia khan
17 Oct

Ok we agree with you... But we can post other unique things in photography except of flowers..? 

I love to post about tha nature.. But all are posting in photography. The community is full of loaded..

The reason of posting flowers is that people are getting upvote more than other articles.. This is main issue of posting flowers. 


preview not available Esma Sid
17 Oct

Its clearly mentioned that if you post flower make sure that you create your post in an excellent manner. Write something unique and thoughtful with it instead of saying daily that i clicked this that, telling colours etc!! 


sonia khan
17 Oct

Sure I got it... Thanx for guidance 


Uncle Jay
17 Oct

One of the reason I don't make flowers related post. Because I know I have little to say about it. Even if I tried to conjure words, it won't sound or reads the way I want it or picture it from my mind. 

I simply roll with the area I'm good at to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, abusing the platform and down votes. 

If you cannot give a quality post on flower related topics, please avoid it. 


sonia khan
17 Oct

Yes i agreed with you... If we don't have quality materials with flowers so we did not post such a post... 


Suny Ag
18 Oct

You have pretty well made it clear to those who post a random flower whether they pick it from the internet and a good morning and that's a post for you. If they ask questions, they know it themselves. Ths is not Facebook but a paying site. Thank you for a well described post.


M.A Khan
17 Oct

I am agree with you @Esma. Yes it's reality that nature and photography community is spammed very badly.. Many members are just posting their blurry pictures which is very wrong. As we are the member of this platform and everyone knows Uptrennd is the name of quality. So, it's our responsibility to post quality content. Yes quality must have to be appreciated because quality creators are giving time and their hard work.

#post quality 

#appreciate quality 


#keep uptrennding 


Starlight Impact
17 Oct

I believe those who do only flower content understand the reason for the action now. We need to he versatile and not just static with one type of post all the time. Your post need to be creative, entertaining , educative and informative.  Let's make uptrennd a better place for you and I 







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