Hello, friends! That is me in the picture, see? A woman with a gun. 😊
I have one interesting job to present to you.
You probably wonder what am I doing. Well, I do Close Protection tasks (bodyguarding) for various private clients.

Our clients are either very famous or very rich, most likely both. Otherwise they would not have to be walked around with caution, right? Russian oligarchs, Middle East royalties, showbiz Americans and British and sportsmen from all over the globe.

So if you read or see some VIP female went to Croatia for a vacation or for business, you bet I was somewhere near her. The thing is all VIPs have their own all-year-around bodyguards but foreigners are not allowed to carry and use firearms in Croatia, with some exceptions, of course, like Interpol, Europol and similar. That is where I jump in. 😊

Even though this job is enormously interesting, there are more than a few misconceptions about it in general population and we can thank movies for that. See, while everyone is imagining bodyguards as some huge gorillas, not even stupidest client will ever be that unprofessional to hire someone of that physical characteristics if job tasks require low profile protection. And that is most of what we do! More than 90% of the time.


If bodyguard is visible and recognizable at the fist glance, believe me, that bodyguard is doing one shitty job! First of all, s/he can be located and targeted all the time. Bad idea, right? Secondly, potential attacker knows who to disable to get to his target, the client. No one will pay for feeling that unsafe.

No, no, we are dressed very casual, shorts, short sleeves, sunglasses, always in trouble where to conceal a gun wearing such a little clothes. And going to beaches or pools can be exceptionally interesting. Almost no clothes, big trouble!😊

See, if we are doing good job you will never tell our client has a bodyguard. Or five of us. Or ten.
I just wanted to bust that myth, ok?

If you have any question, feel free to ask in comments.

Btw, not to forget, I do not support violence of any kind towards anyone or unsafe and non-trained weapon usage.



Naomi Nmesoma
21 Sep

Wow... A female bodyguard . The is so amazing! truly, movies have mispresented the way we see bodyguards nowadays

how do you cope with fear?


Irena Gnjatović
21 Sep

Adrenaline does its thing pumping more than a fear does, thanks for asking. So, no fear. ;) 


Ibinabo Bamson
12 Oct

Wow! I'm your no.1 fan


Anas Afzal
21 Sep

if you have a lot of money then you have no doubt lot of enemies in your life and face many problems  then you must need a bodyguard 


Victor Makata
21 Sep

It's not an easy job ... though every job comes with its own risk...but yours is kinda much.... though I admire your work.


preview not available Kamran Akbar
21 Sep

That is not easy job for a girl but I think you are doing that with quite ease. 

More power to you lady 🙌.  One day I will also come there and love to see you there with me😁😁


Irena Gnjatović
21 Sep

Kamran, you will get free protection if you come to Croatia. :) 


Scholastica Kosy
21 Sep

Oh my my! Am scared of guns.. 

You must really be brave you know, to do this kind of job..


Irena Gnjatović
21 Sep

Well, it is a job, just like anyone else's. I am sure there are a lot of nurses and doctors for example, braver than me. :)

Veterinarians too. I could never do their job. And admire them. 







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