Here is my entry for the best cook is my mom! By javier arturo

Assalam o Alikum!! 

Hello, I hope you all fine and enjoying your life...

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First of all, I will say thanks to sir @javier Arturo

Thank you sir for arranging this amazing 🏆 contest...I like this contest too much because it's about the best cook of my mother is? MOTHER is the true blessing of ALLAH .we should appreciate our mothers.😍We should never neglect the mother's sacrifices and efforts.

We all love it when our mothers cook for us. They give love and care from this. They love it when we had a great meal. Anything that they cook for us is just out of this world. They wanted us to be healthy as well as happy.

I love my mother's cooking. to me, she is one of the best cooks in the world.😍 she didn't also study culinary just learn all by herself or through my grandmother, who I can say is a good cook too and also her brothers and sisters, really can cook well and taste good. it's great that my mama takes time to teach me how to cook so I will be just like her. practice truly makes perfect. my mama never takes time to teach me, but I can do and practice on my own and in time, I know I can learn how to cook well ourselves. And my mama teaches me a lot of recipes...

My top recipe which I love from my mother's kitchen is as follow:


I love this recipe and enjoy it...

Have you ever taste the traditional dish from kpk Pakistan called Painda?

Painda is also known as Sobat which is prepared with chicken or beef stock. The Bread (Naan) or homemade routie pieces are soaked in chicken or beef stock and topped with salad and lemon.

Painda is a Pashto word that means “A group of people sitting together.” This recipe is served in a large dish called Thaal, which is meant to serve a group of three to seven people. we all family members enjoy this yummy dish every weekend.....My sweet, respectful mama cook this yummy dish for us...

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When Painda is prepared in Desi Murgha (Rooster or cock), then its taste becomes priceless. And this is also our traditional dish specially offered to our guests.😋

👉Let's check the recipe 👀


🔸chicken, sliced👉1

🔸Onions (medium-sized), 👉6_7

🔸whole Garlic👉1

🔸tomato, ground in a mixer (optional)👉1

🔸Mustard oil👉2cup
🔸Meat masala. 👉3/4 tsp

🔸Turmeric👉1 /4 tsp

🔸Red Chilli powder.👉 1 tsp

🔸Salt. 👉 to taste

🔸Water 👉 4 or 5 glasses


🔹1 - Heat mustard oil in a pressure cooker with the lid open.

🔹2 - Fry the chicken pieces one by one till half done

(don't fry it completely). Keep it aside.

🔹3 - In the same oil, sautee onions and whole garlic cloves till they turn brown.

🔹4 - Add meat masala, turmerchilid chili powder, and a little salt.

🔹5 - Add the tomato puree (optional)

🔹6 - Pour a dash of water, and continue to fry the masala till the oil starts rising.

🔹7 - Add the fried chicken to the masala.

🔹8 - Fry for 2 minutes and then add water.

🔹9 - Cover the lid and pressure cook for 2 whistles.

🔹10 - Do not overcook.

🔹11 - Garnish with fresh coriander leaves. Serve hot

🔹12- The Bread (Naan) or homemade routie pieces are soaked in chicken or beef stock and topped with salad and lemon.

👉Enjoy this yummy dish with your family........😋

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"Image source: Fb"

Q: How you feel when you get home and you know mom is cooking for you?🧐

Ans: I think it's the world's best feeling for me when I enter my home  in the kitchen and my mom preparing food for me it's amazing feelings...when I see my mom I realized I am so lucky .someone is caring for me .someone is hardworking for mom do a lot of sacrifices for me.....she is love ❤️

Q: 2.How do you feel when that rich smell hits your nose?😲

Ans: when this rich smell hit my nose I feel hungry😋😊...And I think it's like the most pleasant fragrance in the world.....and it's left behind all fragrance of scents.

Q3: Do you feel your mother loves it when you taste it?😋

Ans: Mother is love.....Of course, I feel my mother's love, his hard work, his supervision, in food when I taste my mother's handmade recipes or dishes.....😋again I will say she is the BEST MOM AND CHEF ALL OVER THE WORLD...I FEELS PROUD I AM HIS DAUGHTER😍✌


Thanks for reading 

Stay blessed😊






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Mr goko
31 Jan

Yes you are right dear.

Mom is the best cook in the would.

And best of luck for your contest.


Marina Nawaz
31 Jan

Oh! This is so delicious 😋 😋 😋 😋 and tasty recipe you shared..... Your mother is great cook.... Hope you win the contest 👍 


Moses Antia
31 Jan

Looks so tasty and I guess it will be very delicious

Your mom is really a good cook


preview not available Hafsa M
31 Jan

first time, i heard about this dish, i will try this for sure, thanks for the recipe :)


Samina Khan
31 Jan

Thank you so much ma'am @Hafsa M for the comment....

Stay blessed😍


Mansoor Hayat
31 Jan

As the best images you have shared  you will must win this contest.

keep it up your good work.


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