Here are the updated rules for animals on CropBytes

Hey #crypto Farmers 🚜

Here are the updated rules for animals on CropBytes

Feed your animals daily to keep them healthy  💪🐷 

Stay tuned for more  🚀


Team CropBytes 

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Rexvan Khani
29 Sep

Good post we should care the animals,


Raazi Khan
29 Sep

Yes animals require care just like man. We should care for them and feed them in a proper way.


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From the new era of crypto gaming and the success of farming simulation games like Farmville & Hayday, comes a game ahead of its time. Cropbytes is all about building your crypto portfolio by farming, trading and investing. A game of business where you can earn real money daily, just by playing. A successful player is one who grows his investment through trading, farming, breeding, growing animal population and cleverly managing your resources. It’s a game of constantly expanding possibilities. You can start with the free trial pack or the starter pack. The crops you grow can be turned into resources like animal feed and can be sold to other players for Tron(TRX). Your animals give extracts as well, which means you can trade milk from those cows & goats, eggs from hens, etc, which adds to your Tron balance. This opens up further options for investing in more assets or cashing out your Tron. Trade regularly to earn extra income. Sell your excess supplies and consumables or convert them to game cards. Game cards can be used to buy special assets or can be traded with other players for Tron(TRX). One of the most pleasing things about Cropbytes is that your success will benefit you in real life – you not only get the satisfaction of watching your small investment expand into an empire right in front of you, but you also can make real money and use it in your daily life. Play daily and increase your portfolio. With a little patience, you’ll find yourself earning double digits daily. Encash your Tron in your personal wallet and withdraw in USD or your local currency.



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