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Itliker Shadda 3 weeks ago

I have proposed a solution for this problem i will share it soon! 

Victoria Haruna 3 weeks ago

It would be great to hear of it.

Bitcoin Bee Reporter 3 weeks ago

Please do so and post it to the public :)

Manish Rawat 3 weeks ago

Great video very innovative way to urge the users to do the right thing. It also looks like we all missed a change to see a great intro video

Nathan Kaytar 3 weeks ago

If we all work together we can accomplish anything.   Long Live Uptrennd! 

Manish Rawat 3 weeks ago

I fully agree "United We Stand,Divided We Fall". Long Live Uptrennd

Mohammad Omer Farooq 3 weeks ago

Such a nice post dear I am always with you all superb guys and no doubt will try full help to Uptrennd team specially in comments matter too. I wish to Uptrennd a rising 🌟 star good luck to all of you.

Jan Bouda 3 weeks ago

Excellent video and great message! All of us have to be much more active regarding this issue.


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