She got it all planned out, to finish her college at her late teen age, gain admission into the university, graduate at her early twenties and start up her family at ease, little did she know life never work that way, life creates it own part for us not minding our plans.

At thirty she still struggle to pass her exams, no admission yet talk more University degree. When would you get married everyone asked, don't you know your age?The once pretty angel admired by many had became the one always pointed at in disgust. She wail and tear down each day, what was my crime she kept asking, I did everything right, studies has never been an issue for me why do I keep failing?

Now she has given up on studies, she is into skill acquisition but was that her dream? No she took what was available to her, when the desirable is not available, the available becomes the desirable. Gradually skill became her passion, she grew to love it seeing how well she can sew, everyone loved her style, the little seamstress became a fashion designer, happiness started growing inside her once more, she became self employed, although she loved her first dream so much but that wasn't what life planned for her. 

A fashion designer known everywhere by almost everyone is what she has become, now she went into the university so easily but not to be a nurse anymore rather to get certified in fashion, she has a fashion school with students and apprentices.


Her dream was to save lives through being a nurse, she believed that is the only way she can create impact, she kept trying even when it is obvious she is making no headway, until she tried another approach, now she is a fashion designer, she employed many unemployed youths, she has apprentices learning under her. She has saved some people who were wasting away due to lack of employment. Many address her as their role model, Her dream is fulfilled but from different angle, we are not unfortunate sometimes we just need to change direction and fortune will smile at us. 

Don't lose focus but you can always change pattern 



RinNy Mboro
24 Nov

We can always adapt when the situation doesn't fit us

She did her best and became successful in an area that was not her targeted area at first but whichever she is living a fulfilled life.

I think thw title should be Twisted 


LadyV Okafor
24 Nov

Twisted? I love that title, yes her case is more of a twisted one, at first it started roughly but went well at last 


Evegrace Moses
24 Nov

Hahahha, this one is hard oo but I will say fate.

This what many of us are going through and I was opportune to hear such a story from a teacher of mine who wanted to become an accountant and wrote jamb so many times but failed then after years of serving in a school as a cleaner, she decided to write jamb but this time wrote for education and immediately got it.

We most times take our destiny into our hands and design to design it ourselves, mean while God already designed what is best for us even before creation.


LadyV Okafor
24 Nov

Change is the only constant thing , that should always be at the back of our mind


Superior Daniel
24 Nov

She so long to the closed door not knowing that there is another way to her success. Like my father will say, there so many ways to the top of the mountain. Different approach but to thesame end. She was only thinking from one direction not knowing God have a better plan for her. She must have felt that she have a wasted life but all are for the glory of God. Now she is living happily with her skill and fulfilling her dreams in another style.

 Title for it is, there are so many ways to the mountain top.


LadyV Okafor
25 Nov

That's a good title, ineef there are many ways to achieve same result, never stick to one procedure, learn to adapt with circumstances


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