Hello Everyone...

Hello Awesome Tribe Members 

How are you all ?

I hope everyone is in sound health...

I want to say people you were great we have share so many moments which were fun and even one of my best memories ... The love and respect by you all is one of precious thing I have got and even love to say that you all were even closer to my heart ... 6 months are spent over here and i have learned so much, and I am sad like uptrennd  was 1 of my close friend who had given me chance to express my words, and I was laughing literally laughing at my  first day at uptrennd how  i posted over here just see this link

My First post...​​​

I didn't have enough sense at that time how to create a post and even didn't have proper words ...

with help of  many senior users  the guided me and I made many posts which were loved by you all...

For me uptrennd was just for sharing thoughts and 1 up was never my concern I was over here even when 1up was at lowest price ...The things I have learned over here are most precious things 

Uptrennd have given me a family and friends ... I don't want to mention any names ...those who are   close to me know very well...

Guys I have read the post about Trodl why you guys don't give it a Chance and even i think its price is much better tan 1up ...

is there anything you want to share with me ...

I want to listen your words for me and even criticism is also allowed...

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Fariha Khan

Hello Jenny how are you.Unlikely you were a loyal user if uptrennd just like me but i want to say it was just a waste of time.

Though i'm your junior but i'm old than you and i will explain it in my very next post.

Trodl is not going to compare with 1up so i would suggest you to move to any other place because this platform has become shitty with some kinda shitty guardians like @Arslan @Naveed @Hamid etc who only prefer some of thier favourite users and i know them since day one.You deserve to be on a better place my friend.Indeed uptrennd don't deserves the loyal people like you.

Uptrennd has given a lot of love and friends so it would be be disloyalty to work on trodl when it is shifted on trodl.

Here is something for @Jeff Kirdeikis⁠  bestard.

Hello @Jeff Kirdeikis⁠  from the core of my heart with no bloody respect.You are a shit that played with the emotions of million people and even you played with the guardians who also played with our emotions by making us fool by telling us something is big coming and bka bla bla.You deserve to be called asshole🖕

I know some son of a bitch is going to hide my comment or muting me as they did yesterday but believe me it sucks.I don't care about it and if you do that i will come with most terrific face.

Now uptrennd sucks because of this shitty trodl.No reason to except trodl.


Usman Khalid Rana

You know what you are legend......

Hats off dear mate....hats off......

Really your each word touching heart and releiving pain


Fariha Khan

Hehehe bs ab kya kahun thank you.

Mery dimag ne to boht galian aa rhi lekin larki hony ki wajh sy ruki hwi hn.


Usman Khalid Rana

Hahahahhaha asa kroo inki dm main da aau.......sari bhadas to nikaalni hi ha🤣


Fariha Khan

Hahaha nhi dm me gyi to phr mra raz aaskhkar ho jana😂


Dr.Jenny .

thanks dear for your love and even your every word is full of truth and i would say that you are one of very talented people over here and uptrennd was almost name of favourism and talent was always under estimated ...

love you dear and salute to your courage ...


Dr.Jenny .

see they are not going to be guardian new team ... new staff everything is going to be changed...


Egwu Doris .

Oh dear, I will miss you and miss uptrennd.

I will try and give Trodl a chance as you have said.



Adetola Muheez

Trold is unlike uptrennd , all about Crypto trading , investment and learning, not much freedom as here.

Alot have been lost just on the announcement, prices dropped , investors lamenting.

So not everyone would be happy.

All dreams shattered but we'll pull through


Muhammad Uzair Mehmood Minhas

i am fine andhow are you it is good to see that that you are worried about us


Alagbe Adeniyi

Would really work upon what you have said....

Hopeful things will work out fine 







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