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Hello everyone, it's my first post to Uptrennd

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Nick VC 6 months ago

Welcome to Uptrennd Julian. This is a good place to have found yourself and there is a great community here that are always on hand to offer our insight and thoughts on many topics. First thing I did was find out how and where to buy my first BTC and then after the realisation that sunk in that I was NOW my own bank and I was fully in control, and therefore ultimately 100% responsible, for my own money so I then focused for about a month solely on security and what best wallets to store my crypto on. From there I jumped down many many rabbit holes and read, watched and learnt as much as I could. Now is a great time to get into crypto as many people including myself never thought we would ever see these low prices ever again hahaha. Have fun and remember you are now your own bank and like others have mentioned I would start with BTC and the top 20 coins :)

Romana Grubesic 6 months ago

You should c/p your comment into new post and put OC mark! :)
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Martin Kiel 6 months ago

Focus on "why" decentralized systems of governance and blockchain technology are not only trending but required in a modern society of shared value.

Then and only once you are onboard with the vision, you can start learning whatever you feel like learning in regards to the different distributed ledger tech (DLT) being developed today, POW, POS, DPOS, POC, or even DAG frameworks, etc.. There are as many protocols as people can imagine, create and implement, literally. Each one of these can be molded to express ideologies in a crypto project. Lots of them are shit implementations, some are gems.

Whatever your passions or interests, there's a crypto project for you.. Gaming, Real estate, Art, Music, Streaming, Social Media, Energy, Money, Cloud storage, Cloud computing, Privacy protocols, Decentralized banking, Prediction markets, Supply chain management, Decentralized mobile data sharing, Philosophies around modern economies and asset classes, history etc. You can easily get overwealmed if you try to learn everything at once, but you can fall in love if you jump down a rabbit hole that could help change the future of an industry you care about.

Your gf is a smart lady ;)

Luke Brenland 6 months ago

Hello Julian and Welcome :)

great to have you with us! 
Uptrennd is a great place for that! Alot of the things you need to know you will find in "intro to cryptocurrency community"
I would focus on what blockchain and crypto are and then wallets/exchanges. Until you learn more about the different tokens and projects I would play it safe and just buy BTC and ETH until your ready to go further with the other Alts.

Happy Uptrennding :)

Tiffany Gyles 6 months ago

Welcome to Uptrennd, I'd definitely say its great timing to get involved with Cryptocurrencies at this time, its hopefully the tail end of the bear market and everything is cheap compared to what it was last year. I would just focus on the top 20 projects and read up on the tech and how each project is unique to the others.







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