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Healthy Tips For Sehri ~~A Pre Dawn Meal

Trenndians greetings!

We are in Holy month of Ramadan where lot of changes happened in our routine life. The timing of our meals are main part of it.  

Sehri is a name of meal which we take as pre- dawn meal before Fajar prayer. Those who are going for Fasting that day should take their meal as Sehri. It is compulsory part of food routine because it helps to maintain our energy levels through out the day untill evening at Iftaar.

So I am adding some tips to help you stay healthy.

Drink Enough Water.

Water is an important thing to keep our body hydrate . We have to make sure to take minimum 3-4 glass of water in Sehri as we are going next 14 hours without it. Also we can add water base fruits and vegetables with meal.

Add protein .

Protein is a essential thing to keep our body energised. So add protein base values in meal as green peas , butter , Latin peas . It will help our body to stay fuller during the day.

Reduce the caffeine.

In Sehri stop all kind of cola base cold drinks and reduce the intake of hot drinks as tea and coffee. Add yoghurt in the meal as it is more nutritious and will help the body to stay cool and healthy.

Stop Junk Fast Food.

Make sure to avoid all kind of Junk Fast Food in Sehri. All fry food also meat , potatoes and fried bringals because they can lead you a severe thirst during the day.

Add Salad and Herbs.

Fresh fruit and vegetables has lot of mineral and vitamins. So add Salad like cucumber , tomato , banana , boiled peas , mint and cardamom in your meals. It will boosts the refreshness and gives a vital support to our immune system.


If you can eat paratha in place of simple bread , it is good in Sehri as it has Extra energy , vitality and attractive taste. It cooked in traditional way in pure butter or oil. People having diabetes , blood pressure and heart problems should avoid it .

Healthy food , healthy body , healthy fasting.

Thank you so much for reading. Stay blessed . 

Happy Friday , Happy Ramadan.

@Amjad Ali Waince.




Dr. Yousaf Janni
15 Apr

Happy Friday of Ramadan... 

You brother you are absolutely right about your great tips... I think our whole routine change during this holy month than others... 

We should drink enough water at the time of sehri... And you are right, we should avoid fast foods because it effects our stomach... Thanks for sharing such a great informative post with us... I'll definitely try you tips brother... 


Amjad Ali Waince
15 Apr

Water saves us from dehydration. Enough consumption of water base fruits and vegetables also helpful. Thanks Dr. For you time here.


Syed Inayat shah
15 Apr

Very informative post. We should use plenty of water at sehri time and interesting is that if we use yogurt at sehri the thurst of our body may heavily reduce


Amjad Ali Waince
15 Apr

Yes Shah G , yoghart gives us enough useful becterial assistance to our body which reduces the thirst levels. Thanks for your kind words


Andrew phyl
15 Apr

Happy Friday greetings to you all in this fasting period,our thoughts are with you guys,in unity and love.


Amjad Ali Waince
15 Apr

Thank you so much Andrew for your kind wishes . May Almighty God bless you more prosperous life.


Hajra Choudry
15 Apr

Thanks for healthy tips sir these tips are useful and i will follow them...


Amjad Ali Waince
15 Apr

You got it useful , so it is enough to the writer that his publication made some impact to readers. Thank you so much Sis for your words.


rabail fatima
15 Apr

Happy Friday and yes you said well we shouldn't take high calories and fats in the mori as it can cause cholesterol to our body we should take fresh juice, milk and dairy products so that our body remain hydrated thanks for sharing beneficial information 


Amjad Ali Waince
15 Apr

Thank you so much Sis for your kind words. Yes Dairy products helps our body to keep cool and nutritious. 







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