Healthy Eating Habits


Farah and Salma are good friends. They go to the same school. They are classmates too. Salma is strong and healthy. She likes fresh fruits and vegetables. Her mother cooks simple and tasty food. She loves her mother's cooking.

Farah is not strong. She is weak and thin. She does not eat simple food. She likes burgers and spicy food. At school, she eats spicy snacks and sweets. Farah and Salma sometimes share their food.

One day, Farah ate a spicy bun-kabab in the break. She also had a glass of Sherbet and an ice-candy. She bought those things from oitside the school gate. Soon, she fell sick.

Next day, Farah did not go to school. She had a stomach-ache and fever. Her father took her to the doctor. The doctor gave her medicine. The doctor said to her, 'Take rest. Drink lots of water. No spicy food!'

In the evening, Salma and her mother came to see Farah. Farah said, 'I will never eat food sold outside the school gate. The doctor said that open food has germs. If we want to be healthy, we must eat healthy food.'



Somoo Hassan
02 Mar

This reminded me the vendors standing outside of our school. They used to sell fritters and other spicy things. After closing the school, all the students rushed towards them and ate these unhealthy things to their full


Amjad Ali Waince
02 Mar

A great message conveyed . We must teach our children about healthy food. What to eat and what not. So we can save our kids from virol and becterial desieses.


Aakash Baloch
02 Mar

Very nice and full of lesson story. Its moral is really great. We should eat simple and good food to keep us fit. 

Junk foods are not good for our health, we should avoid totally. 


Noor Badshah
02 Mar

Yes, simple and natural food becomes healthy. Spicy and market food is not good for our health. In our Pakistani language called Chaska. If you want good health, then you should adopt natural and simple foods.


Gohar Ali
02 Mar

Todays junk food and other foods out side the school gate are realy dangerous for childrens health. Venders outside the school sold things that are open and flies are on them. 


Bushra Bukhari
02 Mar

Yes ofcourse, but children are forced to buy them because of no proper canteen in the school.


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