Health benefits of Africa Locust Beans

Hi everyone, how is Tuesday 2up going at your end? I have come to discuss the amazing benefits locust beans commonly known as "iru" by Yorubas, "ogiri" by Igbos. It often used as condiments in soups and stew. It is enough to make soup, mixed vegetables or stew. If you are an African and you have not eaten locust beans before, you are missing a lot 😋.

It at natural sweetness to the soup, mixed vegetables, stew or jollof rice 😋. If you're from African most especially Yoruba and Igbos, you will agree with me that locust beans is not only sweet but can be used as tastier alternative to spice cubes. Only it is enough to give you a delicious meal 😋.

Locust beans contain 29% of lipid, 16% of carbohydrates, 35% of protein and is a good source of fat and calcium. Let us consider amazing benefits of locust beans that can make you to start adding it to you food-stew, mixed vegetables, soup, etc.

Amazing Benefits of Locust Beans

  • It decreases blood pressure

  • Antioxidants

  • It good for treating leprosy

  • It good for Fever treatment

  • It aids digestion

  • It promotes good sights.

  • Wound treatment

I love eating locust beans because of it numerous benefits. It is locally and internationally demanded. Thanks for reading, you can follow me for more updates. I love you to the moon and back to Nigeria.

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HariS Khan
03 Nov

I can't eat and see these lotus beans which seems nice in a photography . I can't eat it because we live in pakistan and it's present in the Africa .thank you for sharing it's benefits


Zoha Ali
03 Nov

Well yes I am aware of it once my teacher told me about this

That's really of much uses


hina ali
03 Nov

Locust bean is high in fiber and may help decrease blood sugar and blood fat levels. It is also used in infant formulas to help reduce share great benefits of locust bean. But I never taste this 


Rock Usama
03 Nov

It's looking really beneficial and you share great benefits of locust bean. But I never taste this and don't know this information before.


Saleem Khan
03 Nov

The seeds of the locust bean are the most valuable part of the plant. They are high in lipids (29%), protein (35%), carbohydrates (16%), and are a good source of fat and calcium for rural dwellers.







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