He has a greater purpose for you.

I said in the previous episode about how God's plan can be greater than human.

Did I?

Check the first part of the post to be sure.

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Why 2020?​​​

Before I lost my job

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I was introduced to the platform but I didn't pay much attention to it. My engagement was very low due to the nature of my job and I wasn't expecting much from the platform other than just learning and showing what I have got in me.


During my early days on the platform, I wrote about things happening around me.

Even on Steemit, my posts were mainly about the shortcomings of the world, how it is affecting children, and how to make the world a better place for them.


I never got tired of writing because I am this emotional kind of person who feels sick seeing people in need and since I don't have much to offer other than visiting the home of the needy for almost 5-6 months interval with my mom, I just write to create awareness about children situation around the world.

I also see writing about these things as a wake-up call for everyone who doesn't see the need to help others. 


While doing what I love doing, an angel came my way. She just completed a program inspired by God to bless lives, to support people who are in need.

The situation of kids around the world gave her lots of concern and she wanted to help but she didn't know-how.

She can't take up the responsibility of the kids in the whole world, you need God's wisdom and a divine plan that h  inspired.



I usually get this regular visit on my post from her, her comments made me knew how much she loves children.

We had a brief conversation talking about ourselves and after we didn't talk for a while and during that period, I lost my job.

During the brief discussion we had before the break she made inquiries about the situation of kids in my country (Nigeria). I gave her every piece of information not knowing God's plan.


She saw a post about losing my job, we had some discussion again and she showed me a lot of support which I didn't believe. 

​She paid for my Salary.

During our second discussions, she shared with me the plans God planted in her to touch lives and at the end of the discussion, she said to me. 

"Let keep praying about the plan and see where God will lead us to" 

and immediately I asked myself 

"Could this be God's plan for me and many people around the world?". 

​What happened next?

​Who is the Angel?

​What was the idea God gave her?



Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
15 Dec

Every thing that happens in life it's for a purpose and it's reason but we as humans can see beyond the ordinary eyes so that's why we blame God when things go wrong and praise him when things get right, forgetting is the manufacturer for both, in every situation it's good to give thanks to God because he knows it happened because he want to upgrade you to another height in life because where you are is not where you should be.


George Dee
15 Dec

You are right about that, in every situation, we must always praise God but we don't do this because we bury ourselves in the pain


Wisdom Chinonso
15 Dec

We will continue to pray unto god to guide us and protect us so we can achieve about dreams.


Maham Javed
15 Dec

Yes actually the year 2k20 is the most difficult for majority of the people but we should hope for the best God has better plan for all of us 💖


George Dee
15 Dec

His plans are greater than we can imagine.


RinNy Mboro
15 Dec

Who the Angel is?

Well i hoped you will tell us so i can so get to meet her too

God has purpose for us and sometimes when we think thing ain't going well,it just happened because God wants it to happened


George Dee
15 Dec

Don't be in haste to know he/her...

You are right, those things sometimes happen so that God plans for us can be established 


Mariovic Idungafa
15 Dec

Despite the fact that the year is so turbuleent

Your plans still worked out for you.

May God continue to protect and guide and make our dream come true 


George Dee
15 Dec

It wasn't my plan, it was God divine plan. I had to know it the hard way because I was carried away with my plan 







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