HAVING A CLEAR VISION 👀 🤓 (Mind Destination)

The contradictory nature of my previous post here👉 titled "CHALLENGE THE UNKNOWN AND EXPLORE THE WATERS OF POSSIBLITIES" to this article might make someone ask the question "Isn't having a clear vision of a goal the first step in achieving success?

Yes, that's the first step, but many times we see people are governed by their habits, fears, and opinions of others about their unknown goals just as I mentioned in the aforementioned previous post here👈.

And these habits, fears, and opinions create a mental block that prevents the mind from getting or achieving everything he or she has imagined.

Because such a people might feel that the opinions of a highly positioned individual in their life are final and superior than their abilities and capabilities, belittling their God-given capabilities.

This is why it is important to first have a clear vision or path towards your intended Goal or goals and then constantly work to overcome those habits, fears and opinions others have of  you achieving your goals.

Also having a clear vision or path to you gpals does the following for you;

  • Keeps you passionate towards achieving the goal.

  • Giving you faith and possiblities seeking mentality as you work towards achieving your goals.

  • It helps you formulated a strategic plan and adjust it until you get the goals you desire.

👉And in the end you will be amazed at the incredible things you could do in this life. So always start with a clear vision of what you want and then challenge the unknown by trying something new today.

Your sincerely,


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Esmee Smith
26 Jan

Indeed having vision and working for the same would give you many obstacles and you would find new direction as you move ahead. I can tell you from my experience that when you have clear vision, your actions would tell you what needs to be done and where time should be spent. I think that clarity gets you closer to success. 


Ikechukwu Ndukwe
26 Jan

The best goal setter is in the mind and you will work out ways to push it to reality too and don't let fears grip you during this process


Atanda Davido
26 Jan

Live a purposeful life, you must have direction in life otherwise you wander about and end up achieving nothing


Zeeshan Shahid
26 Jan

The goals achieved when you set goals in your minds and then push your all efforts to achieve them without any fear and failures. 


Mr.Oxman Oxi
26 Jan

Absolutely right if our vision is clear and we set our target then automatically we achive our destination a man who don't know about his vision is like a person who lost his confidence 

So always try to clear your vision and set your target 


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